The Power of Writing Goals Down

With the start of the New Year and resolutions abuzz, many people get an extra jolt of motivation to either get healthy, finally take that art class, quit smoking, or even read more! However, despite our best intentions, it is very easy to fall off track and lose sight of everything we resolved when the clock struck midnight! Trust us, even we have set goals for ourselves that we did not end up keeping or falling short on – that is until we began writing them down!


This process may seem tedious, but it is so much more powerful when you have a visual to look at everyday.  Whenever you have bad days or those moments where you feel defeated, just look at your goals and remember why you started! When you write something down and have it staring back at you, you are that much more likely to be successful! So go get writing! 

And since we like to make sure that we practice what we preach, and want you to always feel open and honest with us, we will share our current goals with you:

Elyse’s Goals
-Find time to read more again, especially before bed
-Get better at swimming laps
-Attempt to continue last years goal of helping David put the laundry away (does anyone else hate this chore!?)
-Up my baseline intensity in spin class

David’s Goals
-Qualify for the Boston Marathon
-Run 1,000 miles in 2016
-Cook at least 1 new meal a month for Elyse
-Improve my time management and organization

Our Goals as a Couple
-Return/stick to at least one date night a week
-Work on new date night menu plans for our members (we’re very excited about this one)!
-Go kayaking more together
-Attend a drink and draw event (you need balance, right!?)

Your goals can always change and more can be added, so we recommend revisiting them from time to time and not just once a year! So, what are your goals?


Write in your goals on the image above and share them with us @fairburnitoff to help you stay accountable! Use hashtags #fairburnitoff and #FIOgoals so that we can find and support you!

Happy New Year!