Happy National Water Day!

Yes, there is a day to honor water! It makes sense since water not only helps to keep us hydrated, but provides so many other benefits such as:

🔥It helps your skin to stay healthy looking and reduce breakouts
🔥Helps with your energy level and brain function
🔥Helps to prevent headaches
🔥Helps with weight loss and controlling calorie intake because sometimes when your stomach is rumbling, you are actually just thirsty and not hungry

Water makes up about 60% of our bodies; however, we lose water every single day by working out, going to the bathroom, and even just by breathing! Since we lose water daily, dehydration can become a problem if we do not drink enough water to replenish ourselves.


Issues such as fatigue, headaches and migraines, and dizziness can occur when you are dehydrated. The problem is that you may attribute these symptoms to just being tired or needing to pop some ibuprofen. Even if you did sleep poorly the night before, try drinking some more water, because it can help to energize you and you may just be experiencing mild dehydration.


Worse symptoms of dehydration can include kidney stones and damage. Someone we knew actually experienced this damage (a young, seemingly healthy, twenty-something), and she ended up in the hospital just because she did not drink enough water! So to prevent and help symptoms of dehydration, here is what you can do:

🔥The obvious one, drink more water and limit (preferably cut out) sugary drinks like soda. Aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces
🔥If you are a member of our plan, remember to have your Fairburn Fuel* every morning
🔥Keep a water bottle with you all day to help remind you to keep drinking
🔥If you are trying to cut back on sugary drinks and are still craving something sweet, then add some fruit slices to your water
🔥Set an alarm! This may sound like a pain, but set your alarm for every hour to remind you to drink. It’s easy to get caught up at work and forget to take a sip for hours

*Fairburn Fuel is a part of our nutrition plans and how we start off every morning to kickstart our metabolisms and help with hydration! Not a member yet? Get started today!


Happy drinking!