#TransformationTuesday: Amy’s Weight Loss Story

Amy is a working mom with a toddler at home.  Her and her husband started with our Four Week Guide and are now members of our Burnin’ Meal and Workout Lifetime Guide! When we received photos of their progression after just 4 weeks, we were floored! Check out Amy’s story below (don’t worry, her husband’s story will be coming soon):


As a former massage therapist, I would always encourage clients to tend to their own health so that they can be dedicated to others without becoming stressed, sick, or depleted. But, sometimes it’s hardest to take care your own advice! This lesson especially hit home when I became a mom. Now, there never seems to be enough time in the day!

When I found out about Fairburn It Off I leapt at the chance to sign my husband and myself up! We had tried clean eating before, but we were having a hard time breaking some of our “bad food habits”. Without structure, we were just trying our best day-by-day.

The first week, or so, was the toughest.  Our appetites were out-of-whack with the new patterns of eating, and we essentially detoxed from our old poor diet. After the initial adjustments and gaining new habits, we realized that our cravings were diminished and our appetites were stable. We actually find ourselves reaching for (and enjoying!) healthy snacks and other healthier alternatives now!

We still live our lives: running our business, working on side projects, keeping up with our house, and raising our energetic two-year old. There were a million times we could have quit, or given up on our goals- life can get crazy around here! Instead, we focus on doing the very best we can each day, and making the best choices at every meal/snack time.

I am not always “perfect” with following the guide and things do not always go perfectly to plan, but I can feel the positive changes our lifestyle is already having, which has encouraged us to be better and better.

Finding new restaurants with menus that support our goals make our rare evenings out a total win/win. Using family time to stay active now leads to amazing quality-time enjoying the outdoors hiking or walking with our son. Rather than letting my role at home and work conflict with being healthy, I make working out a game that my toddler can join in on: Now, he begs to “dance” and “do yoga”!

I noticed a lot of positive changes in just the first month (I didn’t have a single blemish the entire time!), and we each lost more weight than we thought we would. I lost 7 lbs and my husband lost 14 lbs! The scale is not our reason for doing this, but it is wonderful motivation to see that number drop while we feel stronger and healthier! The road for me has been a long one, but I am so grateful for the support of fun, healthy people, like David and Elyse. They are real people who truly care about helping others get healthy.

We are so happy to be Fairburn It Off members! The recipes are great, and I love the way the plan lays everything out so simply. From grocery shopping to meal prep and timing – it is fool-proof! Having workouts and challenges included for each day make it easy to stay on track, and we are excited to continue this journey!

Want to follow Amy and start your health journey? It’s never too late! Get a jumpstart this holiday season and sign up to become a member here! You WILL be our next success story!