What to Eat After a Workout

We get asked this a lot! Although it can depend slightly on the type of workout that you do (e.g. after a hot yoga or intense cardio workout, drink coconut or maple water to replenish electrolytes), but no matter what, you should always eat something within 30 minutes of working out! This will help to refuel your body, keep your metabolism running, and promote muscle growth so that all of your hard work will not go to waste!

As a general rule of thumb, having protein and some carbohydrates are excellent items to eat after working out! Just keep the healthy fats to a minimum! If you make a smoothie with some almond milk, berries, and protein powder, then you are good to go! Or how about our Fairburn Flapjacks from our plan (we eat these practically every morning after working out)? Our own recipes, especially smoothies and breakfast options are great recovery meals! We purposely created these recipes with the thought in mind that you would be working out prior to eating them!

Here are some of our favorite post-workout meals featured from our plan:

Berry Burn Smoothie (recipe here)


The Quicky Chickpea Bowl (recipe here)

garbanzo bowl

More from our Lifetime Plan:

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