Transformation Tuesday: Alex’s Story

Today is a very special transformation Tuesday! Not only are we featuring Alex, a member from our plan, but he is the winner of the Winter Burn Challenge! For all of his hard work, Alex has won:

🔥Over $100 worth of merchandise from Dick’s Sporting Goods
🔥A $50 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods
🔥A supply of pantry items from Bob’s Red Mill
🔥A box of teas from Traditional Medicinal Teas
🔥A box of chia bars from Health Warrior
🔥A supply of pea protein
🔥A dozen healthy donuts from Hippie Cakes Vegan Bakery
🔥Fairburn it Off swag!!

Now on to Alex’s story…


During the Winter Burn Challenge, Alex lost 15 pounds! Although seeing the weight come off is amazing, we loved Alex’s story, because it is a reminder that health is not about how you look or a number on scale, but how you actually feel and how you are fueling your body!

So without further adieu, here is Alex…

“While I feel I’ve always tried to eat healthy and stay in shape, as I’ve become a full-time business owner, husband, father, etc. my diet, weight and conditioning had all taken some hits from where they once were. I would often think of making changes to get back to a healthier way of life, but the day-to-day can easily distract from that and put you in a position to make eating decisions that are a less about health and more about convenience.

We had tried other diets, some with premade food, sometimes just cutting out some foods, but without any real substantive results, and there was never enough commitment to avoid the temptations and shortcuts. So, when my wife first told me about Fairburn it Off and what the program would entail, I was skeptical. I knew she had that level of commitment, but I wasn’t sure about myself. However, it was becoming evident that minor changes weren’t helping, and if I wanted to get results, this could be the way.

My hardest part was really in the first two weeks when my body was detoxing from cutting out all the bad foods I was so used to. It was well worth the effort though, and it wasn’t long before I noticed my cravings decreasing, my energy increasing, and the scale dropping. I was amazed with the amount of weight lost in just the first month. There were no false promises with Fairburn It Off; if you follow the plan, you will lose weight, and you will feel better. The Fairburn’s are always there to help, which has been great, and my wife and I can’t thank them enough.”


Alex’s story was and is a great reminder to this quote below (shared by another FIO member):


Congratulations again to Alex!

If you’d like to join Alex on his health journey, consider becoming a member of our nutrition plans today!



Weekly Burn & Last Week of the Winter Burn Challenge!

We cannot believe how fast these past 7 weeks have flown by, and that the last week of the Winter Burn Challenge is here! It’s amazing how much can happen in such a seemingly short period of time.


With that being said, we want you to sweat like you have never sweat before! This is your last week of the challenge, so if you have been holding back at all, now is the time to let it all out and take it up an extra notch. We recommend getting up early to fit in your workouts first thing, but we know that we are adding more to this week! So if you need to break up your workouts, then do a little in the morning and then the rest at lunchtime or right after work.


2 rounds of Full Body Resistance Burn, Core Challenge, and Lunchtime Walk. 

4 Week Core

Challenge: Plan to do a new workout on Friday morning. If it’s a fitness class like boxing, kettle bells, spinning, yoga etc., then sign up today so you are all set! It’s so important to change things up and to keep your muscles guessing. 


30 minutes of Cardio, 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn or 2 rounds of All Around Arms from your plan, and Core Challenge

Challenge: It’s #TransformationTuesday. Consider taking your progress photos today. Whether you are just joining us or have been with us, having a visual helps you to appreciate yourself, but to also keep you motivated and working hard. Just stay away from the scale and focus instead on your overall health and how you’re feeling.


Spin, Bike, or Run for 30+ minutes, Ab HIIT Routine, and Core Challenge.  

Challenge: Try a new clean recipe from your plan. The planned weeks that we give you only begin to scratch the surface of the number of recipes in your plan! Maybe you make a new muffin or bar recipe, or maybe you try a variation on a smoothie, burger or other dish. 


20 minutes of cardio of your choice, Lower Body Burn, and Core Challenge

Challenge: Enjoy an adult beverage or drink of your choice to celebrate your hard work and coming of spring. There are plenty of cocktail recipes to choose from in your plan if you want to opt for a less sugary and healthier option. 


Complete a new workout! Whether it’s one of our routines, a yoga class, boxing, spinning, etc. – do a workout that is new to you! Finish off with the Core Challenge and the Workout Assessment from your plan!


Challenge: Plan a treat for yourself. We often talk about how our health goes beyond eating well and working out. It includes taking care of yourself by maybe getting a massage, trying a new restaurant, etc. Plan to do something in the upcoming weeks to treat and take care of yourself. 


2 mile walk, Core Challenge, Gentle Yoga, and Foam Roll

Challenge: Keep your water intake up, especially after foam rolling, and relax. 


Run, jog, or wog (walk/jog) 5 miles and Core Challenge


Challenge: Meal prep and continue on. Just because the Winter Burn Challenge is over, does not mean that you stop your progress. Keep going, refer to your meal plans, and use these workouts or the ones in your guide as a reference! 

Not a member yet but want to continue on? Check out what it means to become a member and all of the perks…


Have a burnin’ week!

Weekly Burn & Week 7

It is Week 7 of the Winter Burn Challenge! There are only two full weeks left, so make sure to sweat every day, keep up with your clean eating, and drink at least 70-90 ounces of water per day! For these last two weeks, we are also adding a “shredding” component to your daily workouts. That means that every day, you will be doing some form of cardio.

And if you need a little extra motivation for these last two weeks, just know that on your last day of the challenge, it is the first day of Spring!


Full Body Resistance Burn, Core Challenge, and 1-2 Mile Walk.

151 copy

Challenge: As most of you have heard by now, we very unexpectedly lost our love, Jovie, last week. Thankfully, we smothered her with love every single day that we had her, but your challenge today is to just appreciate the small things. Hug your kids, your spouse, or even your fur baby, and just take it all in. 

If you’d like to see our tribute to our munchkins, you can read it here. 


2-3 Mile Run, Upper Body Burn, and Core Challenge


Challenge: For #transformationtuesday, if you have not shared your health journey yet with someone, take the time to do so today. Don’t be afraid to own and be proud of the fact that you are taking care of yourself! 


Spinning (or bike for at least 30 minutes), Yoga, and Core Challenge


Follow up your hump day workouts by trying out one of these healthy recipes here, or your favorite breakfast from your plan!


30 Minutes of Cardio (your choice), Lower Body Burn or Lower Body with Ab Burn from your plan, and Core Challenge

green tea

Challenge: After you drink your Fairburn Fuel, sip on lemon water all day and have a cup of tea in the evening. 


Body Weight HIIT Routine or Feel the Burn HIIT from your plan, Core Challenge, and Evening Walk.



1-2 Mile Walk, Core Challengeand Unwind. 


Challenge: Relax and unwind with a loved one. Whether it’s a date night out or simply drinking tea on the couch together, enjoy your evening. 


Run/Jog 3+ Miles for Sunday Runday, Core Challenge, and Meal Prep!

IMG_9181 (1)

Challenge: Revisit your goals! Whether they were New Years resolutions or just goals you wrote with us in January, revisit them. See how far you’ve come. What has changed? What’s the same? What do you want to cross off? What do you want to add? Never forget about your goals and always revisit them. 

Have a great week!

Weekly Burn & Week 6!

We are entering week 6 of the Winter Burn Challenge! There are only two weeks left, so keep adding the core challenge to each workout and referring to your Burnin’ Plan or Winter Burn Welcome Packet for clean tips, tricks, and recipes to help you finish the challenge off strong!

Since we are nearing the end of the challenge, we will be working hard! Aim to drink at least 70 ounces of water per day, and continue to sweat daily! Here is your schedule…


HIIT it with Stairs, 5 Minute Abs, and Core Challenge

Challenge: Try a new breakfast recipe from your Burnin’ Plan to refuel after your workout. Our personal favorites include the Fairburnin’ Flapjacks, Sweet Potato Muffins and Cookies, I’d Date you for Breakfast Bar, New England Maple Oatmeal, and Live Aloha Smoothie just to name a few! Not a member yet? You can learn more here


20 Minute Run, Jog, or Walk (or follow a road race training here) and Sculpted Upper Body or All Around Arms from your plan.  Finish off your workout with the Core Challenge


Follow up your workout with a healthy meal from your plan, or try this smoothie here.


Complete the Creating Stems Workout from the Lifetime Plan, or Lower Body Burn and 5 Minute Legs and Glutes. Tack the Core Challenge on at the end. 


Challenge: Try a new ingredient! Have you ever cooked with swiss chard before? Or what about Fennel or Leeks or Turnips? Have fun and just pick up something new in the produce section of your grocery store and incorporate it into a dish from your plan or add it as a side. 


20-30 Minute Run, or Spin, Swim, or Kickbox! Finish with Yoga and your Core Challenge


Challenge: Relive the good ol’ days and enjoy Ants on a Log as a snack today!


Double session with Full Body Resistance Burn and 1-3 Rounds of Quick Burn, followed up with the Core Challenge.

151 copy


Go out and take a Yoga class of your choosing, Core Challenge, and Foam Roll


Afterward, unwind and relax!


Sunday Runday! Continue with your 5k Training, Core Challenge, and Stretch. Finish your day with Meal Prep for the following week. 


Have a great week!



Fairburnin’ Friday: Full Body Resistance Burn

Happy Friday! Get in this extra full body burn to start off your weekend – no weights required – just yourself, your Fairburn Fuel*, and a mat!

You can use your printable to take with you wherever you go, but refer to the images below for help on how to perform each move. The workout is set up so that you perform two moves one time through and then repeat one more time before moving on to the next set. Be sure to tag us when you are done and use #fairburnitoff and #fairburninfriday!


Full Body Resistance Burn

Squats x20
Calf Raises x20
Repeat Above 1 More Time

Forward Lunges x10 per side
Side Lunges with Ab Twist x10 per side
Repeat Above 1 More Time

Backward Lunges x10 per side
Pike Kicks x10 per side
Repeat Above 1 More Time

Push-Ups x10
Plank Twists x10 per side (opposite knee to opposite elbow)
Repeat Above 1 More Time

Tricep Push-Ups x10
Side Plank Dips x15 per side
Repeat Above 1 More Time

Bridge-Ups (or Hip Thrusts) x20
Single Leg Bridge-Ups x10 per side
Repeat Above 1 More Time

Swim it Out for 30 seconds



Calf Raises

Forward Lunges

Side Lunges with Ab Twists

Backward Lunges

Pike Kicks


Plank Twists (opposite knee to opposite elbow)

Tricep Push-Ups

Side Plank Dips

Bridge-Ups (or hip thrusts)

Single Leg Bridge-Ups

Swim it Out


*Fairburn Fuel is a part of Our Burnin’ Plans and is your combo of morning drinks to help you wake up in the morning, kickstart your metabolism, and aid your digestive system! Learn more here.

Weekly Burn & Week 5!

We are officially halfway through the Winter Burn Challenge! Don’t forget to submit your before photos and take a look at some of the prizes you could win here!

And to help you finish off your last 4 weeks extra strong, we have put together a little BONUS challenge for you – a 4 week challenge to build a stronger core! That means for the next four weeks, we want you to add this core challenge on to the end of your workouts every day!

Now onto your schedule…


Ab HIIT Routine and Core Challenge


Follow your workout with a healthy and filling breakfast from your Lifetime Plan, or try this “oatmeal” here.


3 Mile Run, Core Challenge, and Gentle Yoga.


Challenge: Make something with chia! Try your chia pudding from your plan, or dip your banana in some chia seeds for a great snack! In case you missed it, check out why chia seeds are the superfood of superfoods here. 


All Around Arms from your plan, or Upper Body Burn and Core Challenge


Challenge: Take advantage of hump day by getting in a little extra work for your legs and glutes. Do this by parking further from away your office building and getting in an extra walk, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. 


Cardio and Core Challenge!  

Run, spin, swim, kickbox, stairs – do whatever you want to try! The Treadmill Burn is a great option for a cardio and full body workout if you are not sure what to do!


Challenge: Drink a a cup or two of green tea. Green tea is great for you and helps you to stay hydrated, just like sipping on water all day!

green tea2


Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete Feel the Burn HIIT from your plan or the Body Weight HIIT routine below and finish with the Core Challenge!

Follow up your HIIT workout with a great breakfast, and enjoy a new dessert from your plan tonight! Have you made the macaroons yet or the peanut butter chip cookies? Those are just a couple of our personal favorites!


2 Mile Walk, Core Challenge, Foam Roll.

Whether you just head out for a walk or go out shopping, you can easily walk 2 miles for your active rest! Follow it up and foam roll with us below:

Challenge: Enjoy an evening out or in with a bottle of wine, but keep your meals clean. 


#SundayRunday, Core Challenge, and Meal Prep! 

Last Sunday we challenged you to sign up for a 5k. Make sure you refer to our 5k training here to help you along the way!


You are 4 weeks in now.. meal prep like a boss!


Have a great week!

David & Elyse