Weekly Burn and Challenge Halfway Point!

It’s Week 4 of the Winter Burn Challenge, and the end of this week will be the halfway point! If you are just joining us, welcome! And if you still want to sign up, you can do so here.

Now on to your Weekly Burn…


Complete TWO of your favorite workouts from here or your plan.


Challenge: Plan to do a new workout this week! If you have been holding back on past challenges, this week is the week to finally go ahead and try something new. Whether it is finally trying a yoga class or picking up the ropes at the gym, your challenge for the week is to branch out and change it up!


Complete Body Weight HIIT or 30-40 minutes of cardio with intervals (i.e. walk a few minutes and then run a few minutes, or try a spinning class where the intervals are incorporated for you)! 

Follow it up with Upper Body Burn.


Creating Stems Workout from your plan or the legs and glutes routine below. 

Follow it up with 5 Minute Abs. 


2-3 Mile Run and Yoga.

It’s okay to not be “perfect” at a yoga pose!



Burn it Out HIIT Routine from your plan or your favorite #FairburninFriday workout here.


Challenge: Add asparagus to a meal today! Asparagus is a great vegetable filled with fiber, vitamins, is an excellent antioxidant and aids in digestion! Plus, it can help to fight off diseases and keep you looking healthy! Choose a side dish recipe from your plan or just boil or roast some plain! 


Workout Assessment, Active Rest, and Foam Roll! 

Members, take your workout assessment in your plan to see your progress in just four short weeks! Keep track of your progress and complete it again at the end of the 8 week challenge!


#SundayRunday. If you have been hesitant to run or challenge yourself, now is the time to do so! Don’t limit yourself!


Finish your run with a healthy breakfast or lunch and meal prep for the week ahead! Need help with meal prep and want to take it up a notch? Why not consider becoming a member today! Visit here to see what’s included and all member benefits.

Challenge: Sign up for a 5k! Whether you walk, run, jog, or “wog” it, sign up for a 5k near you that will happen in the next couple of months to help keep you motivated!

Your Weekly Burn and Week 3 of the Winter Burn Challenge!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Today is a day where it is important to keep your water intake up! Aim for a gallon of water to help you stay hydrated and to “flush” you out. We are not going to say that you cannot touch a single buffalo wing or french fry today, but please be mindful. If you know you are having a Super Bowl party with a lot of unhealthy foods, then be sure to eat very clean leading up to the party and only snack on those items that you truly like!

Our top 5 tips for holiday eating will really come in handy today, so read them here. 

Images of recipes featured from our Lifetime Plan here and popcorn recipes here.

If you are a member of our plan, consider whipping up one of the chili recipes and letting it simmer in a crock pot. Or maybe make our pizza and follow it up with some chocolate macaroons (and yes, it’s okay to be cheesy and shape them into footballs). There are plenty of game-worthy recipes and treats in your plan, so take advantage! If you are not a member yet, you can join here:


Now onto your Week 3 Schedule! If you haven’t signed up for the Winter Burn Challenge yet, you still can – for free – here! Once you sign up, you will receive a Welcome Packet with tips and recipes. So stay on track with us this season and you could win some great prizes!


Lower Body Burn and add on these 3 Arm Moves. 



3 mile run and your favorite Ab workout from here or your lifetime plan!

Warm-up featured from the Fairburnin’ Core workout in the Lifetime Plan here.



NEW Body Weight HIIT Routine!

Frame-05-02-2016-01-59-25 copy

Your new, follow-along, workout video will be posted today, so be sure to get up early to workout with us before you head to work!

Use #FairburnHIIT right after you complete your workout!


30 Minutes of Walking, Biking, Running, or Swimming and Upper Body Burn or All Around Arms from your Lifetime Plan.


Challenge: It’s thirsty Thursday, so drink 1 gallon of water today! Keep a bottle of water by your side all day to remind you to keep drinking and stay hydrated. 


It’s #FairburninFriday! Try something new – maybe a cross-fit class, spinning, orange theory, barre, or yoga.


Challenge: Do something active with someone you love! Celebrate Valentine’s Weekend with your spouse, significant other, or even a friend, and do a workout together! We’ll be going to a Yoga class that I am teaching!


Long run and foam roll

Aim to run 5 miles today and use one of our running guides here. Maybe you do this all the time, or maybe you are still working up to 3 miles, but you can do it. You don’t have to be a speed demon. Just challenge yourself to add on the extra distance. Once you run/jog a certain distance, all of the miles start to blur together anyway!


Challenge: We know this weekend is Valentine’s Day weekend, so if you have plans for a date night out or in, try to get in some meal prep in advance today so you are prepared for the week ahead. 


Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Enjoy an active rest day and finish up any meal prep for the week. And if you haven’t already, be sure to treat yourself to a healthy treat from your plan or the new dessert that we will be posting later this week!


Have a great week!

Your Burnin’ Duo,

David & Elyse

Weekly Burn

Your Weekly Burn is here, and it is also the first week of the Winter Burn Challenge! We are so excited to start this challenge with all of you. If you have not signed up yet, you still can – for free – here.


Now on to your schedule…


HIIT it! 


Choose a HIIT routine from here, or if you are a member, choose one of the two HIIT routines from your plan.

Challenge: Because Mondays can be tough, get in an extra 10-15 minutes of a workout. Whether you go for a walk, quick jog, or even an extra quick burn workout here, just move a little extra to kick off your week and the challenge!

Bonus Challenge: Have a tuck jumping contest with your spouse, friend, or loved one and see who can go higher! Pretty obvious Elyse one the contest above! Use hashtag #fairburnitoff and #fairburnhiit

After your hard work, be sure to refuel with a healthy breakfast. Choose from one of our free recipes here, or select a recipe from your lifetime guide.


30 minutes of your choice cardio, followed by a new Upper Body Routine that will be posted first thing Tuesday morning!

Challenge: It’s #transformationtuesday. If you have not taken before photos yet, now is the time! We understand how hard and awkward it can feel to take before photos, but we want to help you to start building more confidence and faith in yourself. You do not need to share these photos if you do not want to, but use yourself as your motivation! If you do decide to share, be sure to tag us @fairburnitoff so we can find and support you!

Helpful hint: You can smile more than Elyse did in her before photo! 😉 To see her transformation story, visit here.


Yoga and stretch.

Complete the gentle morning yoga flow here and relax. It’s Friday eve eve.



30+ minutes of cardio followed by 5 minute abs. Go to a spin class, power yoga, swimming, etc. for your cardio workout. Just try to do something different. 


Since today is #thirstythursday, keep your water intake up and aim for at least 70 ounces. You can also try drinking some green tea in the evening.


Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete a Fairburnin’ Friday workout here or your favorite workout from the lifetime guide, and be sure to stretch and foam roll.


Tag us and show us your workout face with #FIOflexfriday and #fairburninfriday!


Active rest.

Use today to do something active without going crazy. Simply go for a walk, do some gentle yoga, or even activities like snow shoeing, snowboarding, etc., are all great without putting too much strain on the muscles you have been working hard on all week!


Challenge: Go on a date tonight with a loved one (spouse, friend, family member, etc), and enjoy yourself. It’s very easy to get caught up in day to day life, so sometimes we need a reminder to make time for ourselves. One of our own personal goals this year was to keep up one date night per week, so we’ve decided to stay in and cook a fancier meal together.


Sunday Runday and meal prep!

Go for a run and challenge yourself by adding on a little extra time. Whether you run for an extra minute or extra mile, challenge yourself to go a little further. You will be amazed at what your body is really capable of doing!

Follow up your run with meal prep to get ready for next week! The first few times you meal prep may seem daunting, but it will soon become a habit and you will look like this:


Have a great week!


Your Weekly Burn

Guess what!? The Winter Burn Challenge is only one week away! Have you signed up yet? If not, it’s FREE, so join here and see a sneak peak of some of the prizes!


Now on to the good stuff…

Going forward, we will be posting your “Weekly Burn.” So what does this mean? This means that every Sunday, we will post workouts for every day of the week and recipe suggestions and/or tips. This is a sneak peak of how the challenge will be laid out each, and we also just want to help you with changing up your workouts and recipes!

If you really want to take it to the next level, then join our Burnin’ Lifetime Meal and Workout Guide! This guide provides you with over 275 recipes and counting, weekly grocery lists, weekly meal prep help, food substitutions and swaps, and lifetime membership! Get started here.

Weekly Burn Schedule 


Start your Monday off with a warm glass of lemon water and complete our Ab HIIT Routine Here.


If you are a member of our plan, you can opt to complete the Lower Body and Ab Burn Workout.

After your workout, challenge yourself and try drinking a cup of black coffee! You know it’s our favorite, so we think it will help to really kickstart your week!



20 Minutes of Cardio. Run, fast walk, bike, swim, or run up and down your stairs! Get in a cardio fix and follow it up with All Around Arms from our plan, or complete these 3 Exercises to Sculpt Your Upper Body.

After your workout, refuel with our Fairburn Flapjacks or Maple Nut Breakfast Bowl!


20-30 minutes of cardio, yoga and foam roll!

It’s hump day, so make sure to foam roll your hump! Yes, it feels amazing. You can complete our Foam Roll Routine here.



Try something new!

Go to a spin class (one of our favorite things to do), a power yoga class, or a HIIT Routine. Members can complete the Feel the Burn HIIT.

Tonight, enjoy a glass of wine (we usually go to red wine in the winter) or a beverage of choice, but be sure to double fist with water!



Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete your favorite Fairburnin’ Friday workout and tag us!


Active rest.

This can be a long walk, hike, gentle yoga class, etc. You don’t need to go crazy today, but make sure you still stay active in some capacity. We love to start our morning off with a gentle yoga routine and then usually go for a walk that lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour!

If you are living in a winter tundra like we currently are, ice skating, snow showing, skiing, etc., are all great ways to get in a little activity without feeling like you are working out. It’s also a wonderful way to get your entire family involved!


Fuel up with a great breakfast like our Eggs over Avocado Toastor your favorite recipe from the plan, and get ready to run 3 miles! After all, it’s #SundayRunday!

Even if you have never run 3 miles before in your life, go for it! It’s okay if you go slow or rotate walking and running – just surprise yourself! We know you are capable, but you need to know it too! Tag us and let us know how you did!



Lastly, don’t forget to meal prep!

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content!



Have a great week! You can always refer to our site for tips, join our free newsletter here, or contact us with any questions. 

Your Burnin’ Duo,

David & Elyse