Meditation, although traditionally done in a seated position, can take many forms! In fact, you may meditate daily and not even realize it!

Since it is National Meditation Month, we are going to share the many forms that meditation can take. It is of course nice to be able to find a quite place to sit, relax, and meditate, but when that is not always an option, here are some other ways that you can get it in:

Sitting with a Coffee or Tea

This is one of my personal favorites. I love taking mornings to myself when I can, and sitting with a warm cup of coffee. When you have moments like this to yourself, it helps you to start your day right, and it can be very meditative.


Whether it’s painting, dancing, singing, creating anything – art is an excellent form of meditation. You can get lost in what you are doing, and before you know it, an hour has flown by. Even if you do not think you are an artist, try planning a day or evening where you can doodle or take an art of music lesson, and see how you feel. This can also make a great, new, date night if you want to change things up.

Cooking & Baking

Like to cook or bake? Think about moments when you were able to create in the kitchen and how it made you feel. Guess what, you were meditating! Even if something did not come out as planned and it frustrated you, that is still meditation – it’s not always “perfect” and that’s okay.


This one may be a little more obvious, but yoga, regardless of style, is a form of meditation. Whether it is a fast-paced power flow or a slow restorative style of yoga, your breath and tuning into your body in each pose is a great way to get in some meditation.

Going for a Walk

Believe it or not, there are actual walking meditations that you can do through an app or on your own (we will share our favorite meditation apps in a separate post). Simply heading out for a long walk and giving yourself some peace and quiet can really help you to feel great and remain productive and energized throughout the day. This is especially true if you are feeling tired or frustrated at work – try to recognize when you may need a few minutes, and head out for a walk.

Taking a Bath

This is just a great opportunity to pamper yourself too! Sometimes there is just nothing like taking a hot bath, especially if you are lucky and have a jacuzzi tub (we only get these if we happen to be on vacation with one, so we take full advantage)!

Music Time

Home alone? Blast some jams and allow yourself to relax and enjoy!


Although David and I both try to meditate daily – even if only for a few minutes – our favorite “non-traditional” forms include sitting with a coffee, jamming out to some music, yoga, walking or running, and practicing the Ukulele <– David’s all the way.

Remember, it is okay if your mind is not clear when meditating. It can be good to think while meditating because it allows you time to work through various things going on in your life.  It can also help you to become more aware of how things may impact you, why you might react a certain way, and what your triggers are. The more you go through this and the more you give meditation a go, it will become easier and easier and start to feel very natural and relaxing.



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