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Join the Lifetime Nutrition Plan and immediately receive:

🔥Over 300 clean eating recipes that don’t sacrifice taste
🔥Nutritional overview and breakdown with step-by-step help
🔥Grocery lists and meal prep guides
🔥Planned out weeks to help show you just how much we eat and how often
🔥At-home workouts
🔥Lifestyle charts to help you fit it all in and sustain your lifestyle

You’ll also receive ALL updates for FREE, including the new Summer Nutrition Guide! This new update includes:

🔥64 new recipes, in addition to the over 300 from your full-length plan
🔥Summer nutrition and activity tips
🔥Grocery shopping guides
🔥New summer challenges
🔥New summer workout
🔥New planned out week with grocery list and meal prep to go along!

Samples only of images from guides

Since this update is a part of the Lifetime Guide, lifetime members receive this update for FREE! If you are not a lifetime member yet, you can join today and receive the full length nutrition guide along with this new summer update. Click below for details and to get started!


What is the Lifetime Nutrition Guide?

The Fairburn it Off nutrition guide will show you how to live a healthy lifestyle. This is not a diet! We want to help you feel good, achieve your goals, help you stay healthy from the inside out, and to be able to maintain all of this for life! The nutrition plan is a one-time payment only (you do not have any member fees or additional payments) and you will receive it immediately via email to download. Then you’ll start enjoying perks for life! As a member you will also receive:

  • All plan editions and updates (like the new spring and summer guide)
  • Nutrition must knows
  • Nutrition break down – everything from the “why’s” and “how’s” of nutrition
  • Tips for success to boost your metabolism and help you stay on track
  • Grocery lists
  • Lifestyle chart – How to fit it all in!
  • Food substitutions and swaps
  • 300+ recipes and counting!
  • Meal prep guides
  • Meal-by-Meal breakdowns
  • Weekly grocery lists and meal prep
  • 4 weeks of ALL meals planned for you to get you started!
  • Workout assessment and guides
  • Exclusive workouts not featured on FairburnitOff.com 
  • Exclusive email newsletter with tips, workouts, and FAQ’s for members only!
  • Free updates, new recipes, and new workouts whenever added for no additional cost!
  • Member only opportunities for challenges and giveaways
  • Lifetime Membership! You only pay once for the plan and then enjoy benefits for life!

And here are just some of the recipes…

See what members are saying:

After having my daughter almost 3 years ago, I have been struggling with those last 20 lbs. I could never find an eating regimen that I felt I could stick with and that would work for my whole family. A friend recommended Fairburn It Off and I decided to give it a try. I am so happy I did! In the first 3 weeks I dropped almost 7 lbs, just by eating right and increasing my water intake. I find the recipes delicious, easy, and my husband and daughter love them as well. Since I started following the program, I have lost more weight, I have more energy, my clothes fit better, and I overall feel much better. I highly recommend Fairburn It Off to anyone who is looking to change the way they look at food! – Katie

I had started my fitness journey 8 months ago, but ever since I started the Fairburn it Off guide with all the emails 2-3 months ago, my fitness and nutrition went to another level. Then I started seeing more results and I felt so much better about myself. I would recommend the guide to anyone. I love all the encouragement they give along with the nutritional and exercise ideas. With this I have been able to maintain my weight loss as well. – Kenny

I am so happy to be a Fairburn It Off member with my wife! The recipes are great, and the plan lays everything out so simply. I even look forward to eating my vegetables now! Having workouts and challenges included for each day make it easy to stay on track, and my family and I have even used it to our advantage to go for walks or hikes as a family. I am currently down 14 lbs., and although I am not as concerned about the number on the scale, I do want to make sure that I am there for my wife and son, which is why I am so happy to be a part of Fairburn it Off. – Alex

Getting on track with healthy eating and exercise can be challenging because there’s so much ‘noise’ coming out on social media every day about what to do and to avoid. Fairburn it Off makes it so much easier by providing meal plans and recipes that incorporate the latest in nutrition knowledge so I don’t have to keep up with it! I’m 45, and being in shape is no longer about vanity but about wanting to live a longer and healthier life— while contending with slowing metabolism and flagging energy stores. Elyse and Dave’s recipes and motivational insights have been invaluable to me and I’ll continue to learn from them and get healthier by following their terrific example! – Susan




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