🎶…Summer days keep drifting away, but, oh, oh those su-um-mer nights… 🎶

We hate to say it, but before we know it, summer will be gone and fall will be here. Before we rush into making a crock-pot full of chili and going apple picking though, we are sharing with you some great ways to stay active while it is still warm out, and to enjoy and soak up the last rays of summer!


1.) Get ON the water!
Kayak, paddle, sail, surf – whatever you choose, just have fun and try something new. Some of those activities may seem scary, but they can be such a blast and much easier than you think! Many companies will also provide you with lessons, tours, etc.

2.) Get IN the water
Once your done kayaking, or if you fall off your paddle board, go for a swim! Hanging out and floating around in the water is still a great way to get up and moving. And if you live a four season climate like we do, you know that the ocean water is typically most enjoyable in August.

3.) Hike, walk, kayak to a picnic spot
Is there a secluded spot on a beach somewhere? Or maybe a cool place to hike to? Pack up a nice lunch or dinner and trek to a picnic spot. If you want another idea, we actually just scoped out a small island that we can easily kayak to, so we are packing a cooler and kayaking out for an evening picnic date!


4.) Get in as many summer evening beach or trail walks as possible
It can feel so good to get outside and simply go for a walk on summer nights, so get in as many as possible and enjoy it!

5.) Hit up the arcade
Yes, we are serious! Become a kid again and go to an arcade. You’ll be moving around and staying active without even realizing it! 😉

And yes, I was desperately trying to beat Elyse in skee ball. Didn’t happen. 

Don’t forget, we also want you to give yourself a daily walk challenge! Even if it is only for 5-10 minutes, take advantage of the weather and get outside for a stroll. You can see more on this challenge and other free workouts here. 



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