We all hate the bloat, but unfortunately, we all experience it! Yes, ladies definitely can experience this more, but men bloat too! Bloating isn’t just annoying either, it can make you feel very uncomfortable and even be painful at times. I used to actually have severe stomach problems and major bloating and pain as a result. Elyse used to have a name for my stomach when I would bloat – Alien tummy. Sweet, right?

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Believe it or not though, when you feel bloated or any pain, there is a very high chance that it could have been prevented. In fact, there are several preventive measures that you can take and ways to reduce bloating, so give these a try to start feeling better immediately:

1. Reduce the amount of dairy and whey in your diet.

If you have been following us, you know we cut out whey protein in our own diets and milk. We opt for plant protein and milks, and our stomachs have thanked us! Drinking dairy and whey protein not only causes bloating because our bodies have a hard time digesting it, but it is also just not good for you, and can cause other stomach problems and even ailments like headaches. If you are an avid cheese eater, this is also the case. We recommend slowly reducing the amount of cheese and dairy product that you consume so that you do not feel deprived, but can also start to reap the positive benefits of removing it from your diet.

2. Eat and drink anti-bloating foods.

Peppermint tea, green tea, ginger, and parsley, are some of the more popular methods for helping to reduce and prevent bloating. Although we are avid coffee drinkers, we always try to have at least one tea each day.

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3. Limit sodium.  

This can be a tough one because there is so much sodium in foods and drinks. However, if you follow your nutrition plan and hydrate daily, your sodium intake will be normal and not overexceed what your body needs. Be careful though, because many products naturally have sodium in them; therefore, by adding more, your body will retain more water causing you to bloat. If you have to buy any canned products, look for ones with no sodium added or low sodium options.

4. Limit carbonated drinks.

The fizzy carbonation is caused by a gas, which gets trapped in your belly, causing you to bloat. So although we know soda and seltzer water may be something you like to drink, they cause bloating and are not healthy for your body anyway, due to all of the added sugars and artificial sweeteners.


5. Watch out for artificial sweeteners!

Artificial sweeteners are artificial, so your body does not need them! These sweeteners are found in many processed foods and diet sodas and they are very difficult for your body to break down. What’s worse, is that these sweeteners also increase your appetite, causing you to be hungry and overeat. However, if you follow your nutrition plan, then you will be steering clear of these fake foods.

6. Don’t eat too fast.

Although you may think you are not eating fast, most of us are guilty of throwing back our meals very quickly. Try to really make an effort to enjoy and taste your food, pausing to sip on water, and take smaller bites.


7. What vegetables and legumes are you eating?

Don’t worry, vegetables and legumes are amazing for you, but eating too many of certain types and too often can really increase your chances of bloating. Foods like beans, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower can cause bloating, so limit having all of these items together on the same day, especially if your body is not used to eating them at all.

8. Limit chewing gum and added air.

Just like carbonated drinks, chewing gum causes you to swallow and trap air, which you guessed it, causes bloating! And although we love smoothies, when we overland and suck them down too quickly, the same thing can happen. 

9. Keep a food diary.

Ultimately, there could be something specific that impacts you that you may not be aware of, so keep a diary to see if there is a specific culprit or if you have an actual allergy to a certain food or drink. 


10. Stick to your nutrition plan!

We both follow the nutrition plan religiously! We eat all of the foods laid out on the plan and eat them at certain times for optimal health and benefit. Since we ourselves started this, we have not had an issue with bloating. And yes, even during that time of the month, Elyse has not noticed any major increase in bloating as a result. 


Bonus: Drink Water! Staying hydrated is always important and the water will help to flush out your body of excess fluids and sodium.

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