Core strength is essential! And it is hugely beneficial in not only helping you build your abdominals, but enhancing your workouts overall. For example, when you go running, practice yoga, and even weight lift, you want to make sure you have good core stability to help you perform the exercises well and to prevent injury.

Now, before we go any further, if you are looking for abs, the old saying is true… “Abs are made in the kitchen!” You also need to make sure that you perform full body workouts and not just ab workouts. However, the core exercises below are currently my top 3 favorite moves to build core strength (which will help build you ab muscles), but they are the moves that I have noticed have helped tremendously with being able to perform other workouts even better!

Perform 3 sets of each move for 10-12 reps and use the video for guidance.

V-Sit Bicyles x10-12 reps

Spiderman Plank x10-12 reps per side

Bird Dogs x10-12 reps per side

Complete 3 sets of each move and then as a bonus, burn out with as many crunches as you’d like!


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