Aside from your basic kitchen needs like knives, cutting boards, and strainers, here are five tools that will help make living and eating healthy easier and save time:

1.) Food Processor
Ever since we got a food processor, our lives have changed! Having a processor makes chopping, pulsing, and combining ingredients so much easier. In fact, half of the time we do not worry about finely chopping or dicing anything, because we know when we throw it in the food processor, it will get done for us. Some things that we like to use our food processor for include: making pesto, peanut butter, all of our breakfast and snack bars, and even our veggie burgers from the Fairburn it Off nutrition plan.

2.) Blender
Having a blender will allow you to make any smoothie or smoothie bowl that your heart desires. It can also let you make more “liquidy” items like chia puddings and the base for some of our mousse recipes that would otherwise splatter in a processor. And pies? We actually make some of the pie fillings from the nutrition plan in a blender!

3.) Multiple tupperware containers and jars in various sizes
Not only does meal prepping help you prepare for success, but having the right containers to store your prepped food in will help too! Make sure you have various sizes so that you can put items like hummus and veggies in smaller to go containers, and save larger ones for lunches and dinners. You can also use your containers and jars to prepare chia puddings or overnight oats. Get a simple overnight oat recipe here.

4.) Mandolin and/or good peeler
This may not seem like an obvious one, but we cannot tell you how much time and effort our mandolin has saved us. If you have never heard of a mandolin before, it is basically a really nice and effortless slicer. Sure, it is simple enough to slice vegetables and fruit yourself, but when you are slicing a lot, the mandolin makes everything much faster and easier. As a result, it allows you to use more fresh produce. For example, fresh ginger can kind of be a pain to peel and slice, but with a mandolin, you have a pile of fresh ginger in mere seconds. And don’t worry, buying a mandolin will not cost you an arm and a leg. There are varying levels and more expensive ones, but we bought a really cheap, plastic, one from Target and it has lasted us for 5 years now.

5.) Crockpot
This last one was tough! There are so many kitchen tools out there, but we decided that a crockpot should be a must have. Crockpots are made for busy people and parents who may not have time to look away and prepare a meal. However, with a crockpot, you can toss all ingredients in, turn it on, and forget about it for a few hours. Not only does cooking in a crockpot take very little effort, but also the flavors of the dish really have a chance to meld together to create a tasty meal.

What’s great about this time of year, is that you can probably find all of the items above on sale or at a discount! Holiday gifts for yourself, anyone? And if you would like to see some of our top kitchen hacks to help save even more time in the kitchen, check out our video below:

What are some of your favorite kitchen tools?

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