Working out and purchasing gym or studio memberships can be extremely expensive! It seems the drop-in rates for classes are constantly increasing and that the package deals are not always great either. However, working out does not have to run you dry. Here are our tips for making the most of your time and money, and how you can even save money too:

1.) First, many gyms and studios offer a 1st time free!

If you are not sure if you are going to like a gym or specific fitness studio, then check out all of the ones that offer a free or sample class to get a taste. That way you can try out different workouts across different studios first, before spending all of your money across all of the studios.

2.) What do you want?

Think about what you really want in a gym or studio. If you are only looking for one specific type of studio, i.e. a spinning studio, then look to just join a spinning studio first, rather than joining both a spinning studio and gym that offers spinning. On the other hand, if you love to lift weights and swim, then search for a place that offers both versus one or the other so that you can reduce the number of memberships you buy. We even realized last year that we had memberships at multiple studios and a gym, so we ended our memberships and kept only a couple that we use (yoga, which we get at a discount since I am a yoga instructor, and membership to a fitness center where we are fortunate enough to work out for free since I instruct there – see point 4 for more on this).

3.) Check for discounts and special offers.

With all of the gyms and studio’s popping up these days, it’s pretty rare to not find a discount or special offer, so take advantage! Whenever there is a holiday, gyms also tend to put out special offers, so you can even try to time your purchases around holidays. For example, you could buy a class package from a 4th of July promotion, and then by the time your classes run out, Labor Day is right around the corner so you can purchase another package then.

4.) Offer a service.

Can you clean? Do you have customer relations experience? You could offer to help clean a studio after every class in exchange for free classes. Or better yet, you could offer to work a few hours per week at the front desk for free classes, or at the very least, for a discounted rate. Do not be afraid to ask and explore your options here! The best part? Depending on your role at the gym or studio, often times they will allow your significant other to attend for free or at a discount too!

5.) Work out from home.

We very much value the environment that a gym can provide, because working out with others can motivate you to challenge yourself. However, if it is getting too expensive, work out from home. We do it all of the time with our HIIT routines and workouts. They are just as effective, if not more, and focus on getting the job done quickly and effectively, so you save time too! On the other hand, if you still like the balance of working out with others but want to save money, then choose 2 days per week where you go to the gym or studio, and then the other days you workout from home to save a little extra.

Put these tips into action to help you save money, and see our money saving tips for grocery shopping and buying clean food here.

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