Snowed in? Well, depending where you live, you may experience a lot of snowed in days, so we are sharing some of our favorite things to do when we cannot head out. Aside from watching Netflix and enjoying some wine (pretty much a given), try out one of these ideas that get you and your loved one trying something new together.

Do a puzzle 

Last year this became one of our favorite activities (although sometimes infuriating depending on how hard the puzzle is)! If you know a storm is coming, pick up some puzzles, pop open the wine, play some music, and enjoy putting something together.

Play cards 

Maybe this will be the year I finally learn to play 45’s? Nah. Whether it’s Go Fish, BS, War, or Poker, have fun with some new card games. Just leave the betting out of it. If things go wrong, you are stuck inside! 😉

Make a new date night meal 

Use what you have in your fridge and pantry to create a new healthy meal and dessert. You can each work on one part of the meal, or work on the whole thing together. Don’t be afraid to throw in new flavors and vegetables and see what you get! You may just create your new favorite meal.

Play in the snow 

Snow angels are not just for kids. Head out together and play in the snow!

Hang out by the fire (or some candles)

Once you are done playing in the snow, head on in and cozy up to a fire if you have one, or light some candles, get into your favorite comfortable clothes, and enjoy your night.

Have a warm and fun time! What are some of your favorite snow day activities?

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