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Today we are honored to share Kathy’s story with you. We had the honor of first meeting Kathy when she started attending my yoga classes. It was there that she told me about all of the different cleanses and diets she had done, but never really stuck with any of it. She decided to work on her nutrition with our plan, and the rest is history!


Take it away Kathy…

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m Kathy Malsbenden, a “senior citizen” who feels younger than my age says because I’ve decided to commit to regular exercise and better eating. I don’t always meet these goals, but just knowing I have to take better care of myself as I age keeps me focused.

I’m a retired educator but still teach once in a while. Doing this keeps me current in my field and connected to the younger kids. It’s fun! I also love the water whether it’s walking the beach, jumping the waves, swimming at the pool, boating or floating around the lake or paddle boarding around our “cove.” I enjoy biking and hike the easier mountains.

I’ve always been into fitness, running mostly, but injuries sidelined me and after a spinal fusion I stopped running altogether. I kept working out but not seriously. Once I retired and got the doctor’s order to lose weight and get more aerobic exercise, I joined a gym and never looked back – but I did have a setback. After doing my one and only triathlon 4 years ago, I injured my hip and ended up with a hip replacement. I continued with yoga and swimming after my recovery, remaining cautious of anything more strenuous. This past year, through my gym, I met Elyse and David and enrolled in their Fairburn it Off program. Their common sense approach to healthy eating and focused exercises has given me the impetus to stay on track that I needed as I do tend to slack off when it comes to eating healthy. The summer has been a challenge for me, but I’m ready to pick up where I left off and continue eating the “Fairburn Way!”

What motivated you to join the Fairburn it Off Nutrition and Fitness Plan?
I’ve been working out on a serious level for the past 6 years, but after meeting David and Elyse, I decided to become a lifetime member to help me regain my focus on good nutrition.
How has the plan helped you?
The plan has helped me gain more control of my unconscious eating habits. I needed to get off my spiral of eating a meal and then munching on junk in between. I love using the snacks and smoothie recipes a lot to stay on track with this.
What has helped you to stay motivated?
Elyse and David make sure they offer their support and encouragement to keep me motivated. They are not intimidating or make me feel like I’m not doing what I should. They take me where I am, help me set reasonable goals and keep in touch to see how I’m doing.
Did/do you face any hurdles or setbacks? If so, how did/do you overcome them?
LOL!! My biggest hurdles which become setbacks is my love to eat sweets, especially Klondike Bars! Now that the summer is over I am trying to get back to a regular routine which will help me with reaching for those every time I feel a hunger pain!
What’s a surprising thing you have learned about yourself?

Hmmm….. I realize that I need to be more mentally strong.  For example, in yoga class, I sometimes give myself the excuse that I don’t need to “hold that pose” for the length of time Elyse sets because of “my hip, my ankles, my age, my whatever!!” I can do more than I realize so I just need to keep listening to Elyse when she says “Mals, you have to get over yourself!” It’s working, Elyse, I’m following your advice!!

What’s your favorite recipe from the plan?

I love the Fairburn Flapjacks and the Vanilla Bean Smoothie. There are so many recipes in the plan and they are super easy to make which is a big plus when it comes to healthy eating. So many other recipes out there are really complicated and require exotic foods. I’m a pretty simple eater so simple recipes are good for me.

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What’s your favorite workout from the plan?
I like the HIIT/Bootcamp style workouts from the plan, and the new Labor Day workout that was just posted. Since I am close by, I am also enrolled in Elyse’s yoga class, which I’ve grown to appreciate because I’m always challenged to do more than I think I can. I’m learning the fine art of breathing to let go, something that I’m carrying into all the other classes I do on a daily basis.

Who or what inspires you?
My husband, kids and granddaughter inspire me. They stay physically fit so I have to be able to go along with them on their adventures. I’ve had a hip replacement and spinal fusion so I could easily lay back and let life go on, but I want to be able to keep up with them for as long as I can, so I keep working out! Without their support I’m not sure I would be doing what I’m doing now like boot camps and Tabata, spin, power yoga, swimming, hiking, walking, biking. I want to remain a part of something that keeps me fit and strong while having lots of fun. Laughter is good for the soul and that’s something we can do even while taking our fitness and health seriously.
The return on your investment when you commit to staying healthy is priceless.
What would your advice be to anyone thinking of joining the plan and starting their health journey? 
My advice is to start today. Contact Elyse or David and talk to them about their plans and what they can do for you. When you are willing to change just one little thing in your life and find it makes you feel better, you will want to do more so you can continue to get strong and feel better. Good eating combined with daily exercise helped me lose weight and drop my cholesterol numbers so I don’t need to rely on a prescription anymore. The good doctor told me to eat well and start exercising, which I did and within six months my cholesterol lowered almost 150 points and my weight went down too. Exercise and proper diet may take a little longer to achieve your goals, but if you make it a lifetime goal, you won’t regret the payback. There is nothing like aging well and being able to do the things you want to do, like playing with your grandkids, keeping up with your teenagers, or going paddle boarding, biking and hiking with your family and friends. The return on your investment when you commit to staying healthy is priceless.

Are you ready to join Kathy and be your own success story? Get started with the plan today!

Have questions? See all of the details here or send us an email at contact@fairburnitoff.com

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