Today is a special Transformation Tuesday! We spend a lot of time talking about our health and eating well, but what about our furry friends!? When it comes to healthy living, sometimes we (and we are truly guilty of this), forget that our fur children need exercise and to eat well too.

So why is this so important?

Our cat Jovie who passed away earlier this year, was actually on her own health journey. When we adopted her at the ripe young age of 9, she was very overweight, had major dental problems, and as a result, caught an actual head cold and ear infection! As cute as it is to see a cat sniffle and sneeze, we did not want Jovie to be uncomfortable. We had to slowly switch her over from her dry food (she was addicted), to wet food, and then she eventually became a raw food fiend! As a result, she went from 17 lbs. to 14 lbs. This may not seem like a lot, but for a cat, it is HUGE! Unfortunately, Jovie had a pre-existing heart condition that went undetected, and her heart disease took her from us too soon.

Despite the loss of Jovie, we still love helping animals and wanted to share some health tips to help ensure that your fur baby lives a long and healthy life with you.

Tips to keep your animal(s) healthy and feeling great: 

🔥Take your animal his or her vet check up! Just like we go for our physicals, make sure you have your animals checked out.

🔥Make sure your animal hydrates! They need water too, and cats especially are known for not being as good about this, causing them to have tough fur and/or dandruff. If you think your animal is not hydrating enough, feed some wet food to help or take your animal to the vet. The reason why you will want to add wet food instead of dry food for hydrating purposes, is because wet food contains a much higher moisture content for your animal compared to dry.

🔥Dry vs. Wet. Growing up we always heard that animals should only eat dry food for their teeth and that wet food was evil. Yes, dry food can help keep teeth strong, but wet food is not evil! It can actually be easier for animals (specifically cats) to digest and helps to keep them hydrated too!

🔥What is in your animals food? To follow along with the dry and wet food topic, make sure you read the labels and know what is in your pets food. Although wet food is great for hydrating, you want to opt for grain free brands or raw food. We personally like using raw food and found it to be the best, but do your own research on this so that you feel comfortable. Mr. Jackson Galaxy himself has some info on it here. And don’t worry, there is raw food for both cats and dogs.

🔥Play time. Make sure your animal(s) gets play time and/or walks daily! When it comes to dogs, it is easier to remember to walk them because they need to go outside to use the bathroom. However, cats can get overlooked here. Just because they like to sleep does not mean that they do not need to move. This is especially true if your cat is acting up or seeming aggressive – he or she just may need some good old fashioned play time (and maybe even a little cat nip!)

🔥Hygiene. Along with spaying and neutering your animals (many clinics will offer times when they will do this for free or at a reduced cost), make sure  you groom your animals, brush them, clip their toenails, and clean their teeth (or have the vet check them) to help them feeling and looking good! If you have a cat, it is important that you keep their litter box clean too. This does not mean that you need to go crazy and scrub the box every day or week, but simply remembering to scoop out the goods that your cat has left you will help your animal stay healthy and help to prevent issues like urinary tract infections and issues of pooping and peeing outside of the litter box.

If you keep these tips in mind, you and your pet will both have rockin’ health! 🙂

And speaking of hygiene…

Last Friday we were fortunate enough to be able to volunteer at the shelter where we adopted Jovie and help a bunch of senior kitties get their dental surgeries so that they can go to their forever home with a clean bill of health! Here are some photos from the day (warning: the images show animals under or coming out of anesthesia – they are all okay).


We hope you enjoyed the animal theme this past week, and remember to check out the FURburn workout and CATastic smoothie recipe below:

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