Today’s Transformation Tuesday post is an extra special one, because we are featuring Paul, a guy who just started his health journey. And by just started, we mean that today is only day 2!


Why did we decide to do this? Well, lets share a little bit more about Paul. He is 55 years old, but he was first diagnosed with bladder cancer at the young age of 44. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor and all seemed well. However, fast forward 11 years, and he has since had six surgeries to remove tumors and cancerous masses that keep coming back, undergone a few cauterizations, and of course, chemo. Despite this obvious major health issue though, Paul likes to get out and hike, ski, and take photos of New England scenery. Something that is more difficult to do when he has to spend days and weekends in and out of his doctors office.

Last Friday Paul underwent his most recent surgery to remove another mass, just after celebrating his 55th birthday. We may not have a cure for all diseases, but there is proof in that if you eat clean and fuel your body with what it needs, you can and will feel better, have more energy, and be that much more likely to fight off ailments. Wouldn’t you want to give that a try? After all, what is the harm in eating clean? Even if you feel fine now, don’t you want to not only live a long life, but a healthy one?

Now you may be wondering why Paul’s story is so special to us. Well, if you haven’t guessed it yet, Paul is my father. Despite knowing that we cannot control whether or not my father has cancer, it is still scary to think about and is certainly stressful.

However, there is something that he can control – what he puts in his mouth. I honestly do not know if he is only doing this for me, or if he is actually feeling more concerned and motivated himself, but he has promised to go two solid weeks of only eating plant based foods. Yes, he is going from one extreme to the other – something we do not normally recommend – but when you’ve survived cancer six times, you don’t really want to push your luck with a seventh bout.

We decided to document his story to help him stay accountable. Despite how much I want him to eat clean, I know that if he only hears it from me, he may not listen as well, or forget why he is doing this – I mean, who likes being parented by their own child, right? However, if he hears support from others, it is that much more likely to help him continue on.

You can see the start of his journey below, and we hope you will help us in supporting and encouraging him!


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