This past June David and I went on a cruise to Bermuda to celebrate his parents wedding anniversary. Now, although a week off in the sun can be very relaxing, we were actually pretty nervous!

Why were we nervous? Well, we were not sure what we would eat! It had been years since we last went on a cruise, so we truly did not know what to expect. Luckily, we prepared with healthy snacks and made sure to eat plenty of veggies throughout the day.

But here is where it gets interesting…

We challenged ourselves to eat entirely plant-based during the cruise. That meant no meat or dairy. Even though we have been eating plant-based for almost two years now, avoiding dairy can be difficult at times when you are not cooking for yourself. But we did it! And we were surprised at how easy it was!

So if you are heading out on a cruise or going on vacation soon, here are some tips to keep in mind to keep it healthy, active, and of course, still fun and delicious!


For breakfast, we ate oatmeal mostly every morning, and one morning had a smoothie and juice. Oatmeal is something we normally have, so this was easy! We would top it with fruit, cinnamon, and nuts. We also packed some of our own unsalted peanut butter and a loaf of Ezekiel bread (you can bring food and snacks on a cruise), so we could have PB and toast with fresh fruit. This was perfect because it was so similar to meals we would normally have at home.

Helpful tip: Although you are on vacation, it is nice to keep a sense of normalcy when you are traveling. This will help you to stay on track with your health goals. For example, if you eat oatmeal at home, then eat oatmeal most mornings. It’s okay to indulge a little, but try to keep this in mind most days. Another example – if you run a lot, then go for runs while you travel!


Lunch was filled with salads and tons of veggies and legumes. The buffet had tons of sauteed vegetables, spiced chickpeas and beans, honeyed parsnips, and more. So our salads were anything but bland! We also stuck to the concepts from the Full-Length Nutrition & Fitness Plan to ensure we were eating enough carbohydrates and greens.

When we were in Bermuda, we also found a place called Devil’s Isle that was such a wonderful find! It was a cute restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, and the offered quinoa bowls, salad bowls, and more! They truly offered a little bit of everything for everyone. Their Rumbulah cocktail was also delicious! 😉


Dinner was delicious! Every restaurant we ate at offered a vegetarian/vegan option, and they were very accommodating and helpful! The best part? One of the nights the chef created us a special dish that was amazing! We are still trying to recreate it at home – we’ll let you know when we get it right!

Helpful tip: Seeing other entree options can be tempting, but when you go for the healthier option, it can be so surprising just how damn good it is! Plant-based dishes utilize a lot of different ingredients and flavors, which help to create a wonderful, mouth-watering, dish. No matter your dietary preferences, just make sure you are eating plenty of vegetables so you can stay healthy and feeling good while on vacation.


For snacks – we went prepared! In addition to bringing peanut butter and Ezekiel bread, we packed snap pea crisps, Lara bars, kale chips, goji bites, pea protein powder, and tea.

Working Out

We worked out every day! Some days were more intense than others, but we kept with the Weekly Workout Schedule and adjusted for what we had at our disposal. We even did sprints one day on the treadmill, walked around the track one morning, and found a power yoga class in Bermuda. As a bonus, we never used the elevator while we were on the ship! We took the stairs everywhere we went – even if that meant 10-12 flights! This simple piece was honestly a lifesaver. Just by taking the stairs, we were keeping our bodies moving and staying active.

Post-sweaty power yoga!

As a bonus, every staircase was covered with floor to ceiling mirrors, so we ended up channeling the SNL Californian’s skit – it’s one of our favorites!

Living Life & Vacationing

Ultimately, healthy living is a lifestyle! We say this over and over, and we always try to make sure we are living this way. We truly do not deprive ourselves. We purposely make healthy desserts and meals that we enjoy eating, but we also still go out and have fun! That means that we absolutely enjoyed some Pina Colada’s and wine while on vacation. And we also did plenty of lounging by the pool!

While we were away, we shared our trip through our Instagram story. However, if you missed it, no worries! We compiled the images and videos below for you to see some of what we did and ate!

Safe Travels!

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