Every morning we want you to wake up and move. Some mornings though, you may be feeling tired or sore. That is where this morning yoga flow comes into play! This is a perfect way to start your morning and wake up before heading off to work, or completing a more vigorous workout.

To Start

Begin in a seated position with your eyes closed. Sit up tall and just breath for a couple of minutes.

Float your eyes open and come to a tabletop position

The Flow

Cat & Cow (complete 5-7 rounds)

Begin in a tabletop position. As you inhale, drop your belly and lift your gaze. As you exhale, round your spine (envision a halloween cat), and drop your gaze.

Downward Dog (hold 5-7 breaths)

For your first down dog, keep a slight to generous bend in your knees. Focus on sending your hips up and back, and imagine you are lying your torso on top of your thighs. This will help to keep the weight out of your wrists, but make sure that your palms are firmly planted, fingertips spread wide, to help you stay grounded.

High Plank to Down Dog

Move back and forth between the two poses 5-7 times. Inhale as you come to high plank, and exhale as you move to down dog.

Low lunge (hold for 1-3 breaths)

Begin with your right leg. Step between your hands so that your knee is stacked over ankle. A modification to this is to drop your back knee.

Forward fold (fold on your exhale)

 For your first forward fold, take a generous bend in your knees – you do not have to worry about locking your legs out.

Flat Back (1 breath – inhale)

Bring your hands to your shins and draw your shoulders back. This will help to keep your spine long. Imagine that you could balance a bottle on your back to help keep it long and flat. Also, unlike me, make sure your head and neck stay long too. 🙂

Forward Fold (1 breath – exhale)

Rise to standing (hold for 3 breaths)

Step back (or vinyasa) to down dog

Repeat sequence for left side, and then repeat the entire sequence two more times.


Chair (hold for 3 breaths)

Keeping a neutral spine, sit back as you would if you were going to sit in a real chair. Engage your thighs and keep your weight in the heels of your feet. You should easily be able to lift and wiggle your toes. Reach your arms up high, making sure to keep your shoulders rolling down out of your ears. A modification is to simply keep your hands together at heart center. 

Step right leg back to Warrior 1 (hold for 3 breaths)

Keep your upper body square to the front of the room. Your back foot should be flat on the mat, with your big toe pointing up towards the corner edge of your mat. Your back leg is straight and active, while your front leg is bent. Reach your arms up, staying active all the way through your fingertips (modify by bringing hands to heart).

Chair (hold for 3 breaths)

Step left leg back to Warrior 1 (3 breaths)

Chair (hold for 1 breath)

Step back or vinyasa to Down Dog

Repeat entire sequence 1 more time


Right leg to Warrior 2 (hold for 5 breaths)

Just like warrior 1, your back foot is flat on the mat and your back leg is active and strong. This time, turn your back foot so that it is facing out to the side, and your front foot is facing forward. If you were to draw a line, you would be able to draw one straight line from your front heel to the middle of your back foot. Your arms are lifted and actively pulling away from another. 

Reverse Warrior (1 breath)

Keep your legs exactly as they are. Simply flip your front palm and reach it up and over behind you. 

Half Moon (hold for 3-5 breaths)

Lift your back leg to create one long line from your lifted foot to the crown of your head. Your shoulders should be stacked. You can keep your bottom hand on the floor or a block (or any prop you have), but really focus on using your core and top arm to “lift” you up so that you are not collapsing down on your side body. 

Warrior 2 (1 breath)

Triangle (hold for 5-7 breaths)

Keep the positioning of your warrior 2 legs, but straighten out your front leg. Reach your arms forward, and once you cannot reach any further, lower your front arm down towards the mat. It is okay to NOT touch the mat. Once you feel the stretch in your front hamstring, then stop there. A yoga block or prop can help you balance and rest here. 

High Plank (hold for 1 breath)

Downward Dog

Repeat sequence for left side


Bridge Pose (hold for 3-5 breaths)

Plant your feet firmly on your mat, hips-width apart. You should be able to just brush your ankles with your fingertips. Lift your hips towards the sky and hold. You can interlace your hands underneath your seat or a little extra lift. 

Happy Baby (5-7 breaths)

Keep your back (especially lower back) on the ground, bend your legs and grab the outer edges of your feet with your hands. Draw your knees towards your armpits. You can hold here or gentle rock from side to side, massaging your back. 

Spinal Twists (5-7 breaths each side)

Draw your knees into chest. Let your knees gently fall to one side, turning your gaze in the opposite direction. Reach your arms out to a T position, working to keep your shoulders on the ground. It is okay if your legs do not roll over completely or come apart. Stay relaxed here and let your body land comfortably. 


Stay here as long as you’d like, with your eyes close, feet and arms out wide, allowing your body to completely relax.



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