Happy Sunday!

We hope you enjoyed your week back from the long weekend (or maybe you were extra lucky and had the week off). Summer can certainly be a tough time to stay on track with workouts and healthy eating, but keep going! We are right here with you!

Now let’s get to this week’s Weekly Burn:


Happy Monday! Go for a long run. Aim to run at least 3 miles today. Whether you run the whole way, or jog a little, walk a little, and then jog a little more, it does not matter! Just get in your miles this morning and be sure to stretch afterward.


Finish your workout with the Stronger Core Challenge! We are on week 4 of the challenge, but if you are just joining us, start from day 1 and add the challenge on every day after your workouts.


Complete All Around Arms from your nutrition plan, and finish it off with the Ab HIIT Routine and Stronger Core Challenge.


Not a member? You can join here or start for free here. You can also try out this free Upper Body Burn workout.


Go to a spin class or go for a 30 minute bike ride. Follow up it up with the Stronger Core Challenge.


Challenge: Plan to do something new this coming weekend. Whether it’s going out and staying at a hotel in your own town to give you and your loved one some alone time, or maybe it’s just going for a hike somewhere new, just plan a fun new date.


20 minutes of cardio (running, jogging, walking, swimming, etc), followed by Fairburnin’ Core from your nutrition plan and the Stronger Core Challenge.



Happy Fairburnin’ Friday! Tag us and use #fairburninfriday after you complete Lower Body Burn, Beach Yoga, and Stronger Core Challenge.

Challenge: Make the Catastic Smoothie recipe here into a smoothie bowl after you workout, and top with your favorite toppings.


Complete On-The-Go Workout, Stronger Core Challenge, and enjoy your day!

Challenge: Go on your planned date!


Active rest and meal prep. Go for a walk, do some gentle yoga, or maybe even kayak or paddle board. Just keep it simple, but make sure you still move around.

Clean Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble from the Full-length Nutrition Plan

Challenge: For meal prep, prepare a new dish that you have not tried before, and prepare a dessert from your nutrition plan that you can enjoy tonight or throughout the week.

Have a Burnin’ Week!

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