Happy Sunday! It has been a beautiful summer so far, and we are excited to see that you have still been getting in your workouts and taking advantage of the fresh summer produce! Keep sticking with your workouts and nutrition plan, and you will continue to feel healthy, fit, and just downright awesome! 🙂

Now on to your Weekly Burn Workout Schedule… Remember, this is always free, but to take it up a notch, complete these workouts along with your meals and exclusive workouts in your nutrition plan, and you will achieve your goals and then some!


Long run or jog. Get in at least 30 minutes of cardio (it’s okay if you split it up throughout the day) and follow it up with your Stronger Core Challenge.



There will be a special post that will go live today, so get in your Furburnin’ Workout to celebrate and follow it up with the Stronger Core Challenge.

Challenge: Make the Catastic Green Smoothie if you have not already! It may sound like an odd smoothie, but it is delicious.


Happy hump day! Complete Summer Body Burn from your nutrition plan or Body Weight HIIT routine here. Finish off your day with the Stronger Core Challenge and a little foam rolling and stretching.

Challenge: Try a new recipe from your nutrition plan! Although your nutrition plan lays out weeks for you to help you get started, there are still over 300 recipes that you can choose from and incorporate! Some of our favorites include the breakfast quiche, french toast, and lemon macaroons from your summer update!


2-3 mile run or a spin class. Follow it up with your Stronger Core Challenge and some yoga before bed.

Sneak peak of some of the recipes coming on Thursday!

Challenge: Since this weekend is a holiday weekend, we will be posting new 4th of July recipes today! Whip some up to enjoy on your own or take with you to a party. We also want you to start meal prepping in advance this weekend since we know you may be traveling and enjoying some cookouts and outdoor activities.


Complete 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn, and finish with your Stronger Core Challenge.

Bonus: Kick off 4th of July weekend with this Fairburnin’ Friday workout!


Complete the Creating Stems routine from your nutrition plan or 3 rounds of 5 minute Legs and Glutes, ending with the Stronger Core Challenge.


Challenge: Remember to get in some of your meal prep so that you do not have to worry about fitting it all in tomorrow!


Active rest and Stronger Core Challenge. Wake up, get in your core challenge, and be on your way to enjoying the day! If you are going to a cookout today, be sure to bring one of the new patriotic themed recipes!

Have a happy 4th of July!


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