We hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and are getting ready for the week ahead! In case you missed the carrot cake recipe that we sent out to email newsletter members last week, don’t worry, we will be sending it out again this week, so be sure to sign up here.

Now on to your Weekly Burn!


Go for a long run or do at least 45 minutes of cardio today! We want you to up the ante to kickstart your week!


Be sure to refuel within 30 minutes of working out. You can try any of the recipes here, or if you are in a real hurry, this watermelon refresher recipe is a great option too.



Try a power or vinyasa flow yoga class and follow it up with HIIT it with Abs from your nutrition plan, or the Ab HIIT Routine here.


Don’t have access to a yoga studio? Try one of these yoga workouts here.


Happy hump day! Go to a spin class or get outside and enjoy a nice bike ride. Be sure to stretch and foam roll afterward.


Challenge: Add on an extra 10 minutes of something today. Whether it’s a 10 minute lunchtime walk, a quick 10 minutes of yoga, or a bonus 10 minutes of a quick HIIT routine here, just get in those extra 10 minutes and enjoy your day!


Complete All Around Arms from your nutrition plan and follow it up with 5 Minute Abs. Not a member? You can complete the Strong Arms Workout here. Members, add on the strong arms workout as a bonus challenge!

Challenge: Enjoy a quick fix treat tonight!


Happy #fairburninfriday! Complete Summer Body Burn from your nutrition plan, or your favorite Fairburnin’ Friday workout here, or go to a Bootcamp or Boxing class at your local gym. No matter what you do today, be sure to get in a great sweat to kick off your weekend, and tag us using #fairburninfriday so we can see what you did today!

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Go for a 2-3 mile run/jog and then enjoy a fun Saturday activity like swimming at the beach, biking, hiking, kayaking, etc.


Challenge: Try to get in a little early meal prep tonight. Even if you only make one thing, it will be one less thing that you will have to make tomorrow.


Active rest and meal prep.


Have a burnin’ week! And remember, in case you missed it, join our newsletter here for a new free recipe coming your way!

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