Christmas and Hanukkah are this week, so kick the holidays off by sticking to your workouts below. And no matter what holiday you do or do not celebrate, there is no denying that there is a mad rush of holiday treats to indulge in! But guess what? Holiday desserts do not have to be as unhealthy in order to taste good, and they certainly should not leave you feeling “heavy” or guilty. Therefore, to help you celebrate the season, we put together a holiday guide that we are making available for purchase for just $5! See what is included and get your guide here.

Now, in addition to enjoying cookies and treats, we still want you to stay on track with your workouts this week. We also want you to challenge yourself to meditate and/or practice yoga for just 5 minutes (you can do more) every day this week! This will help you to enjoy and soak up what the season has to offer, rather than feeling stressed or hurried.

Now on to your Weekly Burn Workout Schedule:


Arms, Core, & Fairburn Mile Challenge

Happy Monday! Get in the new Arms & Abs workout below and then complete your Fairburn Mile Challenge (see details here).

Challenge: Remember to complete at least 5 minutes of yoga or meditation today, and every day this week! It’s okay if you do not think you are a “good meditator” or flexible. Use our meditation tips and guide here, choose a yoga routine here or just stretch for several minutes.


Cardio, Yoga, & Fairburn Mile Challenge

Go for a 25-30 minute run, and run at intervals. For example, jog for a couple of minutes, and then run harder and faster for a minute. Keep alternating for 25-30 minutes. You can count this towards  your mile challenge, or go for a lunchtime walk. This evening, head out to a yoga class or complete the gentle flow below:

Challenge: Don’t forget – it’s Giving December! For every nutrition and fitness plan sold, we will be donating 10% to charities and organizations. See the details here and how you can participate.


HIIT, Foam Roll, & Fairburn Mile Challenge

Complete Bootcamp Rounds from your Nutrition & Fitness Plan, complete your Fairburn Mile Challenge by taking the stairs all day today, and then foam roll. Don’t have the nutrition plan? Complete 3 rounds of the Snow Day Workout in your Holiday Guide here.

Challenge: Tonight, prepare a batch of the clean eggnog from your holiday guide so you have something to sip on the rest of the week!


Lower Body, Yoga,  & Fairburn Mile Challenge

Complete 3 rounds of the Lower Body Burn workout here, head to a yoga class (or complete Beach Yoga Flow), and get in your mile today.

Challenge: Refuel after your workout with your favorite breakfast from your full-length nutrition plan, or whip up the Grinch’s Clean & Green Colada Smoothie (recipe here).


Cardio, Quick HIIT, & Fairburn Mile Challenge

Complete 30 minutes of your choice cardio – run, stairs, jog, bike, or swim (your mile challenge can be counted here, or you can go for a mile walk or run later in the day). Then complete the on-the-go workout below (aka the labor day workout):

Challenge: Make a batch of the gingerbread cookies from the holiday guide. Have fun decorating them with a loved one or kids, or even make a gingerbread house.


Fairburn Mile Challenge/Active Rest

For today’s active rest, head out for a mile walk.

Challenge: Make the festive champagne cocktail from your Holiday Guide and enjoy your evening! If you are heading out to a party, make a large batch or whip up the holiday sangria!


Merry Christmas!

Wake up and go for a 5k (3.1 miles) run today! Enjoy the run – don’t rush it – and soak up the day with friends and family.

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