Happy Sunday! Your new week of workouts and challenges is below, so start meal prepping and writing out your workouts to help set you up for a week of success!


HIIT & Full Body

Complete this new full body HIIT workout, and if you have extra time, get in 1 to 3 rounds of the Quick Burn workout below.

Challenge: Have you seen the top exercise myths that could be impacting your workouts? Check out these common myths, and the facts behind them here.


Cardio & Core

Complete 25 minutes of your choice cardio (run, jog, walk, bike, swim, stairs) and then complete the HIIT it with Abs routine from your nutrition plan, or 3 rounds of the Ab HIIT routine below.

Challenge: Check in with a friend or loved one and ask them to join you for a workout this week!


Lower Body HIIT

Complete the Stair Burn it Off workout from your nutrition plan (in the fall update). You can also opt for the Stair Burn HIIT routine below.

Challenge: Take the stairs all day today! Avoid using the elevator where you can to get in a little extra workout.


Upper Body & Yoga

Complete 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn, and then complete Beach Yoga Flow, or head out to a yoga class.

Challenge: Sip on some green tea tonight, and read up on all of its benefits and why we love it here.


Cardio & Lower Body

Happy #FairburninFriday and St. Patrick’s Day! Go for a 25 minute jog, and then complete the Lower Body Sculpting Workout here.

Challenge: Check back on fairburnitoff.com for St. Patrick’s Day recipes that you can enjoy today! If you head out to celebrate, make sure to drink plenty of water in between, and with your alcoholic drinks. And of course, have fun!


Active Rest

Head outside for a 60 minute walk today and then stretch it out.

Challenge: Relax and watch an old movie that you have not seen in awhile.


Sunday Runday

Go for a 3 mile run today, and then check back here for your new weekly workout schedule!

Challenge: Want to get in a bonus workout? Try this quick full body partner workout, and then relax and unwind this evening.

Have a Burnin’ Week!


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