We cannot believe how fast these past 7 weeks have flown by, and that the last week of the Winter Burn Challenge is here! It’s amazing how much can happen in such a seemingly short period of time.


With that being said, we want you to sweat like you have never sweat before! This is your last week of the challenge, so if you have been holding back at all, now is the time to let it all out and take it up an extra notch. We recommend getting up early to fit in your workouts first thing, but we know that we are adding more to this week! So if you need to break up your workouts, then do a little in the morning and then the rest at lunchtime or right after work.


2 rounds of Full Body Resistance Burn, Core Challenge, and Lunchtime Walk. 

4 Week Core

Challenge: Plan to do a new workout on Friday morning. If it’s a fitness class like boxing, kettle bells, spinning, yoga etc., then sign up today so you are all set! It’s so important to change things up and to keep your muscles guessing. 


30 minutes of Cardio, 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn or 2 rounds of All Around Arms from your plan, and Core Challenge

Challenge: It’s #TransformationTuesday. Consider taking your progress photos today. Whether you are just joining us or have been with us, having a visual helps you to appreciate yourself, but to also keep you motivated and working hard. Just stay away from the scale and focus instead on your overall health and how you’re feeling.


Spin, Bike, or Run for 30+ minutes, Ab HIIT Routine, and Core Challenge.  

Challenge: Try a new clean recipe from your plan. The planned weeks that we give you only begin to scratch the surface of the number of recipes in your plan! Maybe you make a new muffin or bar recipe, or maybe you try a variation on a smoothie, burger or other dish. 


20 minutes of cardio of your choice, Lower Body Burn, and Core Challenge

Challenge: Enjoy an adult beverage or drink of your choice to celebrate your hard work and coming of spring. There are plenty of cocktail recipes to choose from in your plan if you want to opt for a less sugary and healthier option. 


Complete a new workout! Whether it’s one of our routines, a yoga class, boxing, spinning, etc. – do a workout that is new to you! Finish off with the Core Challenge and the Workout Assessment from your plan!


Challenge: Plan a treat for yourself. We often talk about how our health goes beyond eating well and working out. It includes taking care of yourself by maybe getting a massage, trying a new restaurant, etc. Plan to do something in the upcoming weeks to treat and take care of yourself. 


2 mile walk, Core Challenge, Gentle Yoga, and Foam Roll

Challenge: Keep your water intake up, especially after foam rolling, and relax. 


Run, jog, or wog (walk/jog) 5 miles and Core Challenge


Challenge: Meal prep and continue on. Just because the Winter Burn Challenge is over, does not mean that you stop your progress. Keep going, refer to your meal plans, and use these workouts or the ones in your guide as a reference! 

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Have a burnin’ week!

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