Your Weekly Burn is here! Check out this weeks schedule of daily workouts, challenges, and recipe suggestions to help you keep moving and eating clean. And remember, even if you are just starting off and incorporating healthy meals once a day or a few days per week – that is always better than nothing, and we are excited and here to help you!

Before we get into this weeks schedule though, I have to say one more thing…

Happy Birthday, David! 


To celebrate David’s birthday, we are sending out a clean Carrot Cake recipe to all of our newsletter members, since that is the birthday boy’s favorite cake! Not on our newsletter yet? You can easily join here, and you will also receive a free welcome packet with recipes and tips!

Now onto the schedule!


Go for a long run. Aim for at least 3 miles (does not matter if you jog, walk/run, etc.), but challenge yourself to add on a little more.


Challenge: Have a glass of ACV with water this morning! We just posted our basic recipe and the benefits of adding ACV to your daily diet. You can read about it here.



Complete Upper Body Burn and 3 Exercises to Sculpt Your Upper Body here. Follow it up with a quick walk or lunchtime/afternoon walk.


Challenge: Make yourself a new clean breakfast to kickstart your week. We love the french toast and Fairburn Flapjacks from the plan, but this recipe here is also a great one!


Do 30 minutes of your choice cardio – run, jog, walk, spin, swim, etc. – and then end with some gentle yoga and foam rolling.

Challenge: Make one of the new dressing recipes here to pour on top of your lunch or dinner today!


Complete 5 Minute Legs and Glutes and/or Creating Stems with Abs from your nutrition plan. Follow it up with 5 Minute Abs.

green tea

Challenge: For thirsty Thursday, be sure to hydrate with water all day long! But to change it up, add in some of your favorite fruit, or drink a cup or two of green tea.


Kickstart your weekend with the Summer Body Burn workout from your nutrition plan summer update! Not a member? You can complete your choice of a #FairburninFriday workout here.

You don’t have to look perfect for a workout – just have fun!

Challenge: Take a selfie either before, during, or after your Friday workout and tag us and use #fairburninfriday!


Do something new! Go for a hike, go kayaking, go to a new yoga class etc. Just make sure you get in at least 30 minutes of activity, and for an extra sweat, you can complete Quick Heart Pumping HIIT here.


Challenge: Relax with a cocktail from your nutrition plan here or go out on a date! If you go out, be sure to order meals that are not fried or battered, ask for greens on the side, and any sauces to be served on the side too. You can do this! It can actually be surprising just how accommodating restaurants are willing to be, which is wonderful when trying to eat clean.


Active rest and meal prep. Active rest can be anything from going for a walk, doing some gentle morning yoga, or even just cleaning and running around your house! Just be sure to get in your meal prep afterward to help prepare you for a successful week ahead.

Or spouse, friends, co-workers.. it’s not this crazy, we swear! 🙂

Challenge: Whip up the new carrot cake recipe that we are sending you in our newsletter! It can be prepared so quickly, which is a huge bonus when you are in a rush.


Have a burnin’ week!




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