Summer officially starts tomorrow! 

It always feels like summer is some sort of mythical creature here in New England, but it is finally here! Take advantage of the warm weather to get outside as much as possible and move. It doesn’t matter if you are just going for a quick walk, taking a beach stroll, or swimming in a pool or in the ocean – just get outside and get moving!

As amazing as summer is, don’t let the cookouts and late evenings out deter you from your health. Often times when we see or smell unhealthy foods, we tell ourselves that we “need” that food, but then we feel like crap afterward. I mean, how many times have you indulged in something and then felt so full and bloated afterward? On the other hand, how many times have you indulged in a clean meal and said to yourself, “I feel like crap. I’m so full..”? We’re pretty sure no one has ever said that!

promoIf you’re worried about what to cook, use the recipes from our site here and all of the ones from your nutrition plan here to help you stay on track with yourlifestyle. We purposely added in summer side dishes that can be used for cookouts in your new Summer Nutrition Plan, but we also have tons of grilling and burger and dessert recipes on your original full-length nutrition plan!

Remember, it’s not about dieting or looking a certain way, it’s about fueling your body with clean food and feeling good! When you add this with exercise, the pounds will come off naturally! And guess what? If you are underweight, you can actually add on some healthy pounds by eating clean too! It’s a win win. 

Now on to your Weekly Burn… 

We’ll be starting off summer by working hard to help keep us motivated and on track. Just as we always want to help you stay accountable, you’ll be our accountability partners too! Check in with us all week on instagram and twitter @fairburnitoff so we can support you!


Happy first day of summer! Go for a long run today (3+ miles or whatever you are working up to at the moment). For the summer, we will be switching our long run days from Sundays to Mondays so that we can enjoy the weekends with summer activities. You do not have to do this, but we think it will help free up some time for you.

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Finish your run by starting day 1 of the Stronger Core Challenge. For the next four weeks, add these core moves to your daily workouts to help build strength in your core, tone your muscles, and to help improve your other workouts as well.


Upper Body Burn x3 or All Around Arms from your Nutrition Plan x2. Follow up with day 2 of the Stronger Core Challenge.

Challenge: It’s #transformationtuesday! No matter where you are in your health journey – whether today is your first day or you have been going for years, take a picture of yourself doing something active or eating something clean, and be your inspiration today. Tag us at @fairburnitoff and use #fairburnitoff so we can find your photos!


Run 2-3 miles, bike 4-6 miles, or attend a spin class. Follow it up with day 3 of the Stronger Core Challenge. End the day with some gentle yoga.


ChallengeHave you tried the new Watermelon Basil “Lemonade” yet? It’s one of our new favorites and is so simple to make. Plus, watermelon has been shown to actually help with recovery from workouts and reduce soreness. Give it a try  and use #fairburnitoff and #teamfairburnitoff so we can see your creations.


Creating Stems from your Nutrition Plan or Lower Body Burn, followed by 1 round of 5 Minute Legs and Glutes and day 4 of the Stronger Core Challenge.

Tonight enjoy a quick fix treat to end your Friday eve…



HIIT it with Abs from your Nutrition Plan or Ab HIIT Routine. Finish off your ab workout with day 5 of the Stronger Core Challenge.



20-30 minutes of your choice cardio and day 6 of the Stronger Core Challenge. Get up first thing in the morning and go for a run, jog, walk, swim, bike ride, or even perform one of these quick HIIT routines to get in a little sweat.


Challenge: Try something new today. Whether it’s kayaking, paddle boarding, or simply trying a new recipe or exploring a new town or city – just go out and enjoy something new. 


Active rest, day 7 of the Stronger Core Challenge and meal prep.


Have a burnin’ week!

David & Elyse

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