We are officially halfway through the Winter Burn Challenge! Don’t forget to submit your before photos and take a look at some of the prizes you could win here!

And to help you finish off your last 4 weeks extra strong, we have put together a little BONUS challenge for you – a 4 week challenge to build a stronger core! That means for the next four weeks, we want you to add this core challenge on to the end of your workouts every day!

Now onto your schedule…


Ab HIIT Routine and Core Challenge


Follow your workout with a healthy and filling breakfast from your Lifetime Plan, or try this “oatmeal” here.


3 Mile Run, Core Challenge, and Gentle Yoga.


Challenge: Make something with chia! Try your chia pudding from your plan, or dip your banana in some chia seeds for a great snack! In case you missed it, check out why chia seeds are the superfood of superfoods here. 


All Around Arms from your plan, or Upper Body Burn and Core Challenge


Challenge: Take advantage of hump day by getting in a little extra work for your legs and glutes. Do this by parking further from away your office building and getting in an extra walk, and take the stairs instead of the elevator. 


Cardio and Core Challenge!  

Run, spin, swim, kickbox, stairs – do whatever you want to try! The Treadmill Burn is a great option for a cardio and full body workout if you are not sure what to do!


Challenge: Drink a a cup or two of green tea. Green tea is great for you and helps you to stay hydrated, just like sipping on water all day!

green tea2


Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete Feel the Burn HIIT from your plan or the Body Weight HIIT routine below and finish with the Core Challenge!

Follow up your HIIT workout with a great breakfast, and enjoy a new dessert from your plan tonight! Have you made the macaroons yet or the peanut butter chip cookies? Those are just a couple of our personal favorites!


2 Mile Walk, Core Challenge, Foam Roll.

Whether you just head out for a walk or go out shopping, you can easily walk 2 miles for your active rest! Follow it up and foam roll with us below:

Challenge: Enjoy an evening out or in with a bottle of wine, but keep your meals clean. 


#SundayRunday, Core Challenge, and Meal Prep! 

Last Sunday we challenged you to sign up for a 5k. Make sure you refer to our 5k training here to help you along the way!


You are 4 weeks in now.. meal prep like a boss!


Have a great week!

David & Elyse

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