We are entering week 6 of the Winter Burn Challenge! There are only two weeks left, so keep adding the core challenge to each workout and referring to your Burnin’ Plan or Winter Burn Welcome Packet for clean tips, tricks, and recipes to help you finish the challenge off strong!

Since we are nearing the end of the challenge, we will be working hard! Aim to drink at least 70 ounces of water per day, and continue to sweat daily! Here is your schedule…


HIIT it with Stairs, 5 Minute Abs, and Core Challenge

Challenge: Try a new breakfast recipe from your Burnin’ Plan to refuel after your workout. Our personal favorites include the Fairburnin’ Flapjacks, Sweet Potato Muffins and Cookies, I’d Date you for Breakfast Bar, New England Maple Oatmeal, and Live Aloha Smoothie just to name a few! Not a member yet? You can learn more here


20 Minute Run, Jog, or Walk (or follow a road race training here) and Sculpted Upper Body or All Around Arms from your plan.  Finish off your workout with the Core Challenge


Follow up your workout with a healthy meal from your plan, or try this smoothie here.


Complete the Creating Stems Workout from the Lifetime Plan, or Lower Body Burn and 5 Minute Legs and Glutes. Tack the Core Challenge on at the end. 


Challenge: Try a new ingredient! Have you ever cooked with swiss chard before? Or what about Fennel or Leeks or Turnips? Have fun and just pick up something new in the produce section of your grocery store and incorporate it into a dish from your plan or add it as a side. 


20-30 Minute Run, or Spin, Swim, or Kickbox! Finish with Yoga and your Core Challenge


Challenge: Relive the good ol’ days and enjoy Ants on a Log as a snack today!


Double session with Full Body Resistance Burn and 1-3 Rounds of Quick Burn, followed up with the Core Challenge.

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Go out and take a Yoga class of your choosing, Core Challenge, and Foam Roll


Afterward, unwind and relax!


Sunday Runday! Continue with your 5k Training, Core Challenge, and Stretch. Finish your day with Meal Prep for the following week. 


Have a great week!



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