This past week may have been one hell of a week with the election, and there may be a lot of uncertainty, but one thing is still true: You’re here, and it’s a new day. No matter where you stood in this election, we want you to feel welcome here. We may have differences, but we can find commonalities. We may not have complete control over what will happen, but we can control one thing: ourselves. We can control our thoughts, our actions, and our willingness to move forward and wake up to welcome a new day.

Now let’s see our workouts and challenges for the week. We are purposely making sure you SWEAT every single day so that you can flush out any stress and enjoy your week.


HIIT & Arms

Complete Burn Out HIIT from your nutrition plan and 3 rounds of the Strong Arms Workout. Have extra time? Complete 10 reps of each of these arm moves.

Sample section of Burn Out HIIT workout from the nutrition plan

Don’t have the plan? You can choose one of the free HIIT routines here.

Challenge: Have you used quinoa for oatmeal yet? It is delicious and a great way to change up your oatmeal! Try out this recipe here.


Cardio & Abs

40 minute run followed up with Fairburnin’ Core from the nutrition plan and 1 round of 5 Minute Abs. If you do not have the plan yet, then complete 3 rounds of 5 Minute Abs below:

Challenge: It’s #transformationtuesday! Take a moment to take photos of yourself to track your progress, or simply write down some new goals and challenges to tackle for yourself. Keep them with you as a motivator.


Cardio, Lower Body, & Yoga

Sign up for a spin class to change up your cardio. Then, complete StairBurn it Off from your Fit for Fall nutrition guide, or the HIIT it with Stairs workout below. Then end your workout or day with some gentle yoga.

Challenge: Enjoy a drink tonight and relax. You are halfway through the week!


Cardio & Full Body

Go for a 25 minute run (or 2-3 miles) and then complete the full body Jovie Furburn Workout. It may sound crazy, but it is a great full body burn!

Challenge: Take a photo after you complete your Furburn workout and tag us @fairburnitoff to show us how it went! Have a pet? Make sure they get in on it too.


HIIT & Abs

Complete 3 rounds of the Quick Heart Pumping HIIT routine and then follow it up with the Ab HIIT Routine.


Challenge: It’s the end of the week, so kickstart your weekend by completing the Ab HIIT routine two more times!


Light Cardio & Yoga

Go for a light jog or 30 minute walk, and then head off to a class at a yoga studio, or complete a yoga routine and foam roll routine from the list here.


Challenge: Try to head out for a date night, or plan a date night in where you cook one of the clean entrees, snack or side as an appetizer, and a dessert from your nutrition plan.



Last week we had you run 5 miles, and we want you to do that again! Yes, again. If you walked parts last week, see if you can run a little bit more. If you ran the whole thing, then see if you can pick up the pace. Once your done, be sure to stretch and meal prep for the week ahead.


Challenge: Relax and watch your favorite show or movie.

Have a Burnin’ Week!

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