Happy Sunday! Your new week of workouts and challenges is live below. As a bonus, we are starting a new, 4 week, push-up and stronger upper body challenge that we will add to every day. Whether you are still working on your push-up game, or have been crushing them for some time, this will be a great way to enhance your form and upper body strength! 


Full Body & Push-Up Challenge 

Complete this fun, follow-along, Full Body Workout here, and then complete Day 1 of the Push-Up Challenge. 

Challenge: Today’s full body workout has a smoothie recipe along with it. Whip up the smoothie for breakfast and enjoy your Monday!


Cardio & Core

Go for a 3 mile jog today! Then complete 5 Minute Abs below, and day 2 of the Push-Up Challenge.

Challenge: Have you been thinking about taking your nutrition and fitness to the next level? Check out all of the perks and benefits you’ll receive when you join the Fairburn it Off Nutrition & Fitness Plan here.


Lower Body, Push-Up Challenge, & Foam Roll

Complete the StairBurn it Off routine from your nutrition plan, and then complete day 3 of the Push-Up Challenge.

Challenge: Tonight, get in some foam rolling and stretching.


Cardio & Upper Body

Complete 20 minutes of your choice cardio today (walk, jog, stairs, swim, bike), and then complete day 4 of the Push-Up Challenge.

Challenge: Try a new recipe tonight from your nutrition plan, or whip up this easy Pad Thai dish for dinner!


HIIT & Push-Up Challenge

Choose your favorite HIIT routine from your nutrition plan, OR complete this HIIT routine here. Finish off with Day 5 of your Push-Up Challenge, and enjoy your Friday!

Challenge: Happy #FairburninFriday! Tag us with your #fairburninfriday workout pics on Instagram or Facebook to help stay accountable


Push-Up Challenge & Active Rest

Complete day 6 of the Push-Up Challenge, and then relax and stretch it out today. Enjoy your Saturday!


Sunday Runday

Go for a 3 mile run today, and this will count as your day 7 on the Push-Up Challenge!

Challenge:  Enjoy a drink or cocktail tonight while you meal prep, and check out the 5 things that you can do to have a healthy and successful week!

Have a Burnin’ Week!



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