Happy Sunday! Your new week of workouts and challenges is live below. 

Remember, these workouts are merely recommendations, and should and can be rearranged to fit your schedule! Regardless of what and when you do it, as long as you are moving, then you are doing great! Everyone starts somewhere, so just keep trying new things and challenging yourself in new ways, and you will be great!


HIIT & Push-Up Challenge 

Complete Summer Body Burn from your nutrition plan, and then compete day 8 of the Push-Up Challenge! Just joining us? You can start the push-up challenge whenever you’d like. We will be adding it on to our workouts every day for this month. 

Challenge: Kick off Monday with a bonus workout. Whether it is another HIIT routine from the list here, or simply going for a longer walk, do something extra to start your week strong!


Cardio & Push-Up Challenge 

Go for a 3.1 mile (5k)  jog today! Then complete day 9 of your Push-Up Challenge. For your run, whether you run, jog, walk and/or run, it does not matter! Just head out this morning to get your miles in for the day.

Challenge: Help us celebrate #TransformationTuesday by checking out some of our awesome members stories here. 


Lower Body, Push-Up Challenge, & Yoga

Complete the Ultimate Leg & Glute Burn workout below, and then finish it off with day 10 of the Push-Up Challenge and some gentle stretching, or the gentle morning yoga routine here.

Challenge: Try a new recipe from your plan tonight. New to Fairburn it Off? Start for free here and receive a welcome packet with a sample of recipes to get you started!


Cardio, Core, & Push-Up Challenge

Go for a 20 minute walk/jog today, and then complete this Ab Workout here. Finish your morning off with day 11 of the Push-Up Challenge.

Challenge: Happy Thirsty Thursday! Are you a coffee or tea drinker? We are definitely coffee lovers, but tea fanatics in the evening. Try out your Turmeric “Latte” recipe from your nutrition plan, or sip on some green tea this afternoon. You can read up on the benefits of green tea here.


Full Body & Push-Up Challenge

Happy #FairburninFriday! Grab an exercise ball and complete this full body routine here (can be done without a ball). Finish off with Day 12 of your Push-Up Challenge, and enjoy your Friday!

Challenge: Happy Friday! Relax and unwind with your favorite guilty pleasure tonight!


Push-Up Challenge & Active Rest

Complete day 13 of the Push-Up Challenge, and then relax and stretch it out today. Enjoy your Saturday!


Sunday Runday

Go for a 4 mile run today! This will count as day 14 towards your Push-Up Challenge!

Challenge:  Is the weather starting to warm up for you? Spring is here, and summer will be here before you know it! Write down 1 to 3 actionable goals for yourself that you can start this coming week and complete by summer! Want extra help staying accountable? Use the image above to type in your own goals and share them with us on Facebook and Instagram @fairburnitoff and with hashtags #fairburnitoff & #fiogoals

Have a Burnin’ Week!





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