Happy Sunday! 

We hope you are getting in your run today and then taking some time to write out your goals for summer.

Your new week of workouts and challenges is below. These workouts help to break and change things up for you during the week, but they can be rearranged to fit your schedule! Regardless of what and when you do it, as long as you are moving, then you are doing great! The most important thing is to use the tools, tips, and recipes from your nutrition plan to help you build the habit of making healthy eating choices.


HIIT & Push-Up Challenge 

Complete the Full Body Summer Burn from your nutrition plan! Not a member? Choose a HIIT workout from the list here. Then complete day 22 of the Push-Up Challenge! Just joining us? You can start the push-up challenge whenever you’d like. We will be adding it on to our workouts every day for this month. 

Challenge: Have you tried the new Teriyaki Bowl recipe yet? This recipe is featured from the yet-to-be-released summer nutrition plan! Check out here, and get started on the nutrition plan so you can be ready not only for summer, but for every season! 


Cardio, Upper Body, & Push-Up Challenge 

Complete 30 minutes of your choice cardio today. Then complete 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn and day 23 of your Push-Up Challenge. Have extra time? Get in a round of All Around Arms from your nutrition plan.

Challenge: We’ve been sharing more personal stories with you this month so that you can get to know us better. Check out our latest story here. 


Lower Body & Push-Up Challenge

Complete the Lower Body with Ab Burn routine from your nutrition plan, or complete the Ultimate Leg and Glute Burn below.  Finish off with day 24 of the Push-Up Challenge.

Challenge: Try a new recipe from your nutrition plan or from the recipes here.


Cardio, Core, & Push-Up Challenge

Complete 20 minutes of your choice cardio today,  1 round of the Ab HIIT Routine below, and 3 rounds of the core strengthener moves below. Finish your morning off with day 25 of the Push-Up Challenge.

Challenge: Sip on some green tea tonight, and read up on why we love it and its benefits here.


Fairburnin’ Friday & Push-Up Challenge

Happy #FairburninFriday! A NEW workout will be posted first thing this morning, so check back today! Then complete day 26 of your Push-Up Challenge, and enjoy your Friday!

Challenge: Put on your favorite pair of sweats or yoga pants and relax tonight!


Yoga & Push-Up Challenge 

Complete day 27 of the Push-Up Challenge – this is essentially your last day of the challenge, so congratulations! Then complete the gentle morning yoga routine below and foam roll it out.

Challenge: Try out a new cocktail recipe from your nutrition plan!



Typically Sunday’s are a Sunday Runday. However, this week, it is your choice. Go for a long walk if the weather is nice, a hike, or stick to your run. You choose the distance today, and this will count as your last day of the push-up challenge!

Challenge:  Use the summer nutrition plan from last year to meal prep some summery recipes and to get ready for the new summer guide coming soon!

Have a Burnin’ Week!


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