Happy Sunday! 

We hope you all had a wonderful week and weekend.

Your new week of workouts and challenges is below. These workouts help to break and change things up for you during the week, but they can be rearranged to fit your schedule! The most important thing is to use the tools, tips, and recipes from your nutrition plan to help you build the habit of making healthy eating choices.


Full Body HIIT

Complete Feel the Burn HIIT from your nutrition plan! Not a member? Choose a HIIT workout from the list here

Challenge: Happy first day of May! May is national meditation month, so check out our tips on how to meditate here


Cardio & Core

Go for a 30 minute run, jog, or walk this morning. Then complete HIIT it with Abs from your nutrition plan.

Challenge: Tonight, sign up for a class at a local gym or studio (we will be going to a bootcamp and yoga class this week, in addition to these workouts). 


Lower Body & Yoga

Complete the Lower Body Sculpting workout here, and then head out to a yoga class or complete one of the routines here.

Challenge: We shared what a “perfect” day and a hectic day of eating looks like for us, and how we still keep it healthy. Check out what we do and what we eat here, and see how you can apply some of the tips to your day-to-day life. 



Head out for a 20 minute jog first thing this morning, and then complete the Strong Arms Workout here.

Challenge: Have extra time? Get in a bonus round of Arms with your All Around Arms workout from your nutrition plan


Fairburnin’ Friday

Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete your new TGIF HIIT workout, or head out to that class you signed up for earlier this week!

Challenge: Celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Remember to drink water with and in between every alcoholic beverage that you have to help you stay hydrated! Challenge yourself to also order out the healthy menu item or eat before you go out so that you are not hungry and tempted by unhealthy foods.


Active Rest

Head out for a 60 minute walk today and foam roll.

Challenge: Make one of the pizza recipes from your nutrition plan tonight!


Sunday Runday

Head out for a 3 mile run, but change up your pace! For example, jog for 5 minutes, and then run hard/sprint for a minute. Continue to rotate, and allow yourself an extra 5 minutes at the end to jog and cool down.

Challenge:  We’ve been using the summer nutrition plan a lot lately, so try a new recipe from that plan that you have yet to try (the Rainbow Bowl with the Holy Crap Amazing Ginger Sauce has been one of our favs).

Have a Burnin’ Week!


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