Happy Mother’s Day! 

No matter what you are up to today, we hope you are enjoying it and have some time to relax.

Your new week of workouts and challenges is below, and we hear that the weather is going to GORGEOUS this week, so try and take some of these workouts outside!


Full Body

We’re starting Monday off with some fun. Complete the full body, Jovie Furburn workout below. It’s silly, but it’s quick and very effective. Your core will be burning!

Challenge: In honor of National Meditation Month, we have been sharing some tips and tricks on meditation. Check out the latest on the many, non-traditional, forms that meditation can take here. You may be meditating and not even know it!


Cardio & Lower Body

Complete 20 minutes of your choice cardio jog, and then finish off with the Creating Stems workout from your nutrition plan. Alternatively, you can pick a lower body workout from the list here. 

Challenge: Check back today. We will be sharing some of our favorite (and free) meditation and calming sound apps!


Upper Body & Foam Roll

Complete 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn below, and then foam roll and stretch later this evening.

Challenge: Relax tonight with a drink or tea. Have kids? Try to come up with a fun, kid-friendly, drink that you can all slurp on! Shirley Temple’s anyone? 


Cardio & Core

Head out for a 30 minute run/jog today, and then complete 3 rounds of the core strengthener moves below:

Challenge: Head out tonight for a sunset stroll. You can go solo and allow yourself time to think and relax, or make it a friend or family walk. 


Fairburnin’ Friday

Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete the StairBurn it Off routine from your nutrition plan!

Challenge: TGIF! Whip up a new dessert from your nutrition plan tonight! Short on time? Try one of the many no-bake dessert recipes from your plan!



Head out to a yoga class today, or take this Beach Yoga Flow routine outside!

Challenge: Spend time outside today. Whether it’s doing yoga, going for a walk, or eating dinner outside, just head out and enjoy your day.


Sunday Runday

Head out for a 5 mile run today! Yes, you can do this. We have been running and building up every week, so go for it. Even if you “are not a runner,” you are. You can jog, run, walk/jog, etc. Just remember to pace yourself. If you are just joining us and completely new to running, then head out for a walk, jog at intervals, or try out one of our road race trainings here.

Challenge:  Meal prep! Short on time? Focus on meal prepping all of your snacks first! Snacks can be tricky and when cravings can kick in, so if you have healthy options prepped, you will be set to go! Remember, any of the breakfast cookies or muffins from your nutrition plan can also be eaten as a snack.

Have a Burnin’ Week!


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