Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We hope you are enjoying your long weekend so far, and have found some time to get in a little meal prep. If you missed it, we posted healthy Memorial Day recipes that you can bring to a cookout or enjoy on your own. The best part? They are all no-bake! Get the recipes here.


Memorial Day Rounds!

Happy Memorial Day! Get in your NEW At-Home Quick Circuit workout here. Complete 3 to 6 rounds for a morning sweat before heading off to a cookout or relaxing. 

Challenge: Keep it clean today! Remember, this is a lifestyle, so you do not want to get in the habit or thinking that you are “cheating.” If you have some drinks and a treat, okay! Just pick right back up where you left off. However, still aim to eat clean foods even if you are out, and bring one of these healthy treats with you.


Cardio & Core

Head out for a 30 minute run, jog, wog (walk/jog) this morning. The complete this core routine here.

Challenge: Have extra time? Complete a bonus round of abs with this fun partner workout:


Lower Body & Yoga

Complete the Creating Stems workout from your nutrition plan, and then head out to a yoga class.

Challenge: Stretch and foam roll this evening


Cardio & Upper Body

Complete 20-30 minutes of your choice cardio (walk, jog, bike, stairs, swim), and then complete the All Around Arms workout from your nutrition plan. Not a member? Check out the Strong Arms Workout here.

Challenge: It’s #throwbackthursday! Look back at an older pic of yourself to see how far you have and can come on your healthy journey! 


Fairburnin’ Friday

Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete this Full Body Resistance Burn.

Challenge: Challenge yourself to a bonus workout tonight from the list here! If you are heading out, choose from the list of quick workouts here, or head out for a walk.


Active Rest

Walk, yoga, hike, kayak, paddle, etc. Choose your favorite activity and have a great Saturday!

Challenge: Try a new dessert recipe from your nutrition plan


Sunday Runday

Head out for a  3-5 mile run today! You’ve got this!

Challenge:  STRETCH, meal prep, relax, and maybe watch one of your favorite movies.

Have a Burnin’ Week!



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