Sunday is here!

Which means meal prep and #sundayrunday!

We hope you had a great week and are ready for another! And in case you missed it, the BRAND NEW Summer Meal and Fitness Plan was just released! This plan is a part of the Full-Length Nutrition & Fitness plan, so when you become a member, you will receive it all! Get started here.



Start your week off with your NEW full body workout from the Summer Meal and Fitness Plan – Burn HIIT Off!

Challenge: Whip up a batch of the Blender Banana Bread Muffins or Lemon Poppyseed Muffins from your nutrition plan tonight! 


Cardio & Core

Complete 30 minutes of cardio (run, jog, bike), and then complete your favorite ab routine from your nutrition plan, OR complete 3 rounds of the core strengthening exercises below:

Challenge: Happy #transformationtuesday! Take a moment tonight to reflect on how far you have come already, and how far you can go. Dream big!


Lower Body & Light Cardio

Start your morning off with the Ultimate Leg & Glute Burn, and then head out for a 20 minute walk. If you do not have time, split this up and go for your walk this evening.

Challenge: Enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail from your nutrition plan


Cardio & Upper Body

Complete 30 minutes of your choice cardio, and then do 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn below:

Challenge: Celebrate Thirsty Thursday by hydrating with water all day long, and then having some tea before bed. This is how us non-kiddo’s celebrate thirsty Thursday! 😉 


Fairburnin’ Friday

Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete the Body Weight HIIT routine here, and have a great day!

Challenge: Have a dessert tonight! We recommend whipping up a batch of the Magic Cookie Bars from your new Summer Meal and Fitness Plan. They are one of our favorites, and so easy to make!



Complete the new yoga routine in your Summer Meal and Fitness Plan, or this gentle flow here.


Cardio & Stretch

Happy #SundayRunday! Head out for a run today. Aim for at least 3 miles, but you can go for as long as you’d like, or try one of the road race trainings here. Make sure to stretch and foam roll afterward (foam rolling tips here).

Challenge:  Meal prep a NEW recipe this week from your nutrition plan or from the recipe list here that you have yet to try. Feel free to share your prep photos with us on Instagram at @fairburnitoff.

Have a Burnin’ Week!


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