Happy Sunday!

Can you believe it’s already the last week of August!? Where has the summer gone? We hope you have been enjoying every moment and have had a chance to try out all of your new summer recipes from the nutrition plan, as well as enjoy some fun summer adventures.

You’ve been doing so great with your workouts and meals – you really should feel proud! Now let’s keep the momentum going together with another great week of workouts and delicious, healthy, meals!


HIIT it!

Wake up and complete the Burn Out HIIT Routine from your nutrition plan. Don’t have the plan? Try a free workout from the list here.

Challenge: Did you see the healthy nice cream recipes we shared? Peel, chop, and freeze some bananas tonight so that tomorrow or later in the week, you can enjoy a nice cream or two! Get recipes here.


Cardio & Yoga

Head out for a 20 minute jog today, and then complete this Wake-Up Morning Yoga routine.

Challenge: Whip up that nice cream!


Core & Lower Body

Complete the Creating Stems with Abs workout from your nutrition plan, or try the 5 minute legs and glutes and 5 minute abs workouts below:

Challenge: Sip on some Kombucha tonight, and see all of its benefits here.


Cardio & Upper Body

Complete 20 minutes of your choice cardio (run, jog, bike, swim, etc). Then complete the Upper Body Burn workout below:

Challenge: Labor Day Weekend is coming up! Check out these 5 tips to stay healthy during a Labor Day cookout!



Happy #FairburninFriday and Labor Day Weekend! Complete the On-The-Go Labor Day HIIT workout below:

Challenge: Try a new recipe from your nutrition plan that you can bring to a cookout or your Labor Day festivities this weekend. Some of our favorites include the black bean burgers, coconut macaroons, no-bake peanut butter cookies, and chocolate cupcakes.


Active Rest 

Head out for a 45 minute walk today. Maybe take the walk on a beach and enjoy the summer weather while you can!

Challenge: Relax and enjoy your evening.


Sunday Runday!

Jog for 60 minutes today! Whether you run fast, slow, alternate between jogging and running – set your timer and enjoy the hour! You’ve got this.

Challenge:  Heading out to a cookout tomorrow? Use these tips here to keep it healthy, and meal prep some snacks to bring with you. Use the snack section of your nutrition plan to help.

Have a Burnin’ Week!



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