Happy Sunday!

And happy Labor Day Weekend! We hope you are enjoying your long weekend and have some time to relax.

In the meantime, we have a few exciting things coming to Fairburn it Off, so make sure you check back over the next couple of weeks! One of those changes will be to provide even better and more streamlined information to our newsletter members. For now, we will be rolling out something new with your Weekly Burn – a Challenge of the Week! The challenge of the week will always change, and it might be fitness related or lifestyle related. Regardless of what it is, we want you to remember that one challenge of the week so you have something new to work towards or look forward too! This week’s challenge is:

Challenge of the Week

Traveling somewhere this week or in the near future? Write a list of healthy snacks that you can make from your nutrition plan or purchase and bring with you. Check out this post here to see what we brought with us on our last trip, and the benefits and tips for using kale here if you decide to bring kale chips!


Labor Day HIIT

Happy Labor Day! Complete the On-the-Go Labor Day workout below, and then enjoy your day.

A special Labor Day post with a new recipe will also be live today! So be sure to check back.


Cardio & Upper Body

Complete 30 minutes of your choice cardio, and then complete the Arms and Core workout here. 


Yoga & Stretch

Wake up with the Power Flow below


Cardio & Lower Body

Complete the Stair-Burn it Off workout from your nutrition plan. Not a member? Try this workout here.


Fairburnin’ Friday! 

Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete this TGIF HIIT workout.


Active Rest 

Head out for a hike (doesn’t have to be an intense climb), a walk, or a gentle yoga class.


Sunday Runday!

Jog for 40 minutes today! Whether you run fast, slow, alternate between jogging and running – set your timer and enjoy! You’ve got this.

Have a Burnin’ Week!



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