Your Weekly Burn is back! After a week away, we are excited to help you get sweating again with your week of FREE workouts, challenges, and recipe suggestions. Are you ready?

Share this schedule with your friends and family to help you stay on track and to help motivate others to kick off the start of September this week! And remember, during the week, you can easily access your Weekly Workout Schedule from the home page tab.

Now let’s get started…


Start your week off with the Summer Body Burn workout from your summer nutrition plan. Enjoy it, because pretty soon you’ll be sweating with new Fall workouts that will be coming out to members in September! If you are not a member, you can complete the Body Weight HIIT Routine here!

Untitled copy
Sample image from the Summer Body Burn workout in the nutrition plan

Challenge: Go for a lunchtime or evening walk, and keep this up every day this week!


Happy Birthday to Elyse! She is turning 23 again (as she reminds me every year). Today we want you to enjoy a jog outside – as long as you want – and follow it up with the Have a Ball Workout.

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Challenge: It’s #TransformationTuesday! Today we will be posting the final installment of Paul’s transformation journey (so keep an eye out), but we want you to share your own transformation story. Even if you just started your health journey last week or last year – share your journey with a loved one or with us! You can always reach out to us at – we’d love to hear from you and cheer you on!


Complete Lower Body Burn and Beach Yoga Flow.

Challenge: Refuel with a new smoothie recipe that you have not tried yet from our list here. Tag #fairburnitoff and #fiosmoothie to share your creation online.



Happy first day of September! Complete 30 minutes of your choice cardio – running, walking, spinning – and finish it off with 1 round of All Around Arms from your nutrition plan, and 1 round of Upper Body Burn below. If you do not have the nutrition plan, then aim to complete 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn.

Challenge: Make a list of fall activities that you would like to do. This is not meant to be tedious, but to help encourage you to try something new – liking hiking a new mountain or going biking somewhere. Write it all out so that you have a visual reminder.


It’s #FairburninFriday! Complete two rounds of the new Ab Workout here to kick off your weekend. Tag us afterward on social media and use #fairburninfriday to show your post workout selfie or snack.


Challenge: Make one of these cleaned up popcorn recipes tonight and enjoy a movie or your favorite TV show. We will be watching re-runs of Hawaii 5-O – it’s our favorite!

Coconut Oil Popcorn


Active rest. Check off one of the items that you wrote down for fall activities that you’d like to do and enjoy the day.


Challenge: Relax and try a few minutes of yoga or meditation before going out or even if you are staying in.


It’s #SundayRunday. Run a 5k today. It does not matter if your run it fast, slow, jog, or wog (walk/jog). Be sure to stretch and foam roll afterward.


Challenge: Get in all of your meal prep for the week so you do not have to worry about it when you come home from work. Try making some overnight oats too (recipe here) so you have breakfast ready to go after you wake up and workout.


Have a burnin’ week!

David & Elyse

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