Happy Sunday!

This past week we went “full fall” by making a bunch of recipes from the Fairburn it Off Full-Length Nutrition and Fitness Plan. We went for the pumpkin flapjacks, pumpkin muffins, chili, and we just made the pecan pie bars!  It really is so fun cooking with different and seasonal flavors, all while keeping it healthy and delicious!

Challenge of the Week

Whether you are a nutrition plan member or just joining us, it is always a good idea to go back to simple steps that can help us stay on track with healthy and clean eating. So this week’s challenge is to check out these 3 Nutrition Musts, and pick one to implement this week.


Full Body

Complete the Bootcamp Rounds workout from your fall nutrition plan

Don’t have the plan? Check out all of the workouts, recipes, and nutrition information that you will receive instantly to your inbox here. In the meantime, you can check out a free workout here.


Cardio Core

Wake up and complete the HIIT it with Abs workout below. Challenge yourself to go for 2 rounds!


Light Cardio & Yoga

Head out for a 20 minute walk today, and then complete this Morning Yoga Flow.


Upper Body

Complete All Around Arms from your nutrition plan. Don’t have the plan? Complete 3 rounds of this upper body workout.


Cardio & Full Body

Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete 20 minutes of your choice cardio (run, walk, bike, stairs), and then complete this Full Body Resistance workout.



Complete the Power Yoga flow below, and enjoy your weekend!


Sunday Runday!

Head out for a 3 mile run today. Run/walk or jog/walk – do not be afraid to go for it. Pace yourself, there is no rush. Enjoy your Sunday!

Share your meal prep and workout pics with us on Facebook or Instagram at @fairburnitoff! Let’s all help to keep one another accountable and motivated. 

Have a Burnin’ Week!


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