Happy Sunday!

And happy November!

The holiday season is officially underway! Which means we want you to bust out recipes from your Thanksgiving and holiday guides to help you keep it fun, tasty, and still healthy. Plus, it will get you ready for a surprise that we have coming soon…

Challenge of the Week

Set a short-term goal that you can achieve by Thanksgiving! It does not have to be a physical goal – it can be anything you want – but here are some ideas:

•Run a 5k without stopping
•Add more days of healthy meals per week (e.g. if you start with 2 days, increase to 4-5)
•Improve your mile run time
•Attend two yoga classes per week
•Save up to spend one or two nights away somewhere
•Raise money for your favorite charity (maybe even set a number, like a goal of $1,000)



Complete Feel the Burn HIIT from your nutrition plan. Don’t have the plan? Choose a workout from the list here.


Cardio & Upper Body

 Head out for a 20 minute jog/run, and then complete 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn below:



Head out for a walk today and go through this Wake Up Morning Yoga flow


Cardio & Core

Head out for 20 minutes of your choice cardio (walk, run, jog, stairs, bike), and complete the Fairburnin’ Core workout from your nutrition plan. Don’t have the plan? Try a free core workout here.

Bonus workout: Enjoy a little throwback Thursday with this beach yoga flow:



Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete this full body cardio HIIT workout!


Active Rest

Enjoy a 30-45 minute walk today, and then stretch and relax


Sunday Runday!

Happy Sunday. Head out and run for as long as you’d like today. You can also use one of the road race trainings here if you’d like to work towards a specific goal.

Share your meal creations and workout pics with us on Facebook or Instagram at @fairburnitoff! Let’s all help to keep one another accountable and motivated. This should never feel like a chore. Enjoy it, don’t worry, and you will be great!

Have a Burnin’ Week!


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