Happy 4th of July Weekend!

We hope you are enjoying your long weekend with family and friends, and hopefully getting in some relaxation time.

It may be a holiday weekend, but remember, you can keep it healthy and still have fun! Use the recipes on fairburnitoff.com and in your Full-Length Nutrition & Fitness Plan to help you with recipe ideas. There are plenty of small bites, burgers, pizzas, and yes, even dessert recipes that you can make this weekend. We will be making the Mango Salsa, Sloppy Joes, Magic Cookie Bars, and Chocolate Macaroons from your plan!

And in case you missed it, the BRAND NEW Summer Meal and Fitness Plan was just released! This plan is a part of the Full-Length Nutrition & Fitness plan, so when you become a member, you will receive it all! Get started here.


HIIT it Off!

Start your holiday week off with your NEW full body workout from the Summer Meal and Fitness Plan – Burn HIIT Off!

Don’t have the nutrition plan yet? Check out this Body Weight HIIT routine here.

Challenge: Whip up a healthy dessert from your nutrition plan to enjoy tonight or at a cookout tomorrow. 


4th of July Celebration!

Wake up, and complete the 4th of July workout below:

Challenge: Enjoy your day, and make sure to stay hydrated! 



Complete 30-60 minutes of your choice cardio – run, jog, bike, or swim. Regardless of what you choose, try to add intervals or alternate levels of intensity during your workout. For example, if running, jog for a few minutes, and then run harder for 1-2 minutes, and continue. For biking/spinning, you can add tension to your bike, add hills, etc.

Challenge: Relax, stretch, and foam roll this evening. Use this foam rolling video as a guide. 


Cardio & Upper Body

Complete 20 minutes of your choice cardio, and then complete the Arms & Abs Routine below:

Challenge: Stay tuned for a special post today.
Hint: It may get the song Happy Holidays stuck in your head 😉


Fairburnin’ Friday

Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete your favorite full body workout from the list here, or from your nutrition plan.

Bowl featured from the new Summer Meal & Fitness Plan

Challenge: Whip up a new recipe from your Summer Meal and Fitness Plan.



Complete the new yoga routine in your Summer Meal and Fitness Plan, or this gentle flow here.

Challenge: Head out for a date night and enjoy your evening.



Happy #SundayRunday! Today, we are changing up your Sunday routine, and doing sprints! Don’t be scared or worried – we’re in this together! We are only doing 4 sprints, so here is the format:

Walk for 0.25 miles

Start to jog, increase pace, and then sprint at your pace for 0.25 miles

Start to slow down and walk or jog for another 0.25 miles

Start to speed up again and sprint for another 0.25 miles

Continue for two more rounds. You will be walking/jogging for a 0.25 mile, and then sprinting for a 0.25 mile. Make sure you breath, sip water if needed, and adjust your sprint pace as needed. You do not need to torture yourself – just run hard and fast for YOU, and you will build up strength and cardio endurance every time you do a drill like this (we only do this once a week or every couple of weeks).

Challenge:  Use your calendar in your Summer Meal & Fitness Plan to write out your meals and workouts for the week, and then share your prep photos with us on Instagram at @fairburnitoff.

Have a Burnin’ Week!


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