Celebrate Labor Day and the first full week of September with a new week of workouts, challenges, and recipes!

Remember, your Weekly Burn is always free, but we incorporate workouts from your nutrition plan, and you can always get a free sample here. You can also have easy access to your workouts under the ‘Weekly Workouts’ tab here.


Happy Labor Day! A special On-the-Go Labor Day workout will be published today, so keep an eye out on fairburnitoff.com and on social media. Get in this quick new workout and enjoy your day.


Challenge: If you attend a Labor Day cookout today, keep it healthy. You can still have a great time and eat great food without sacrificing your health. For our tips on how to handle cookouts and gatherings, read here. 


20 minutes of your choice cardio (jog, run, bike, swim, walk), followed by the Strong Arms Workout.


Challenge: With the start of the new month, write down some new goals that you may have for yourself. Remember to always revisit and add on new goals. And it’s okay for your goals to change – that’s why we always revisit them!


Complete 2 rounds of Creating Stems routine from your nutrition plan, or 3 rounds of 5 Minute Legs & Glutes. Be sure to follow up your workout with some stretching.

Challenge: Find at least 10 minutes today to go for a walk. Whether it is during a lunch break or a before or after dinner walk, just make time to get outside and move. Every little bit helps!


Go for a 20-30 minute jog and follow it up with 2 rounds of your favorite Ab workout from the nutrition plan, or complete 2 rounds of the Ab HIIT Routine.

maple nut oatmeal

Recipe Challenge: Prepare some quinoa this evening so that tomorrow morning you can enjoy the Maple Nut Breakfast bowl! 


Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete the fun Jovie Furburn Workout to kickstart your weekend! The workout may seem silly, but man does it give you a full body burn!


Challenge: Have a furry friend? Take a selfie with your furry one after your workout and use #fairburninfriday!


Active rest. Although you may not have a set workout for today, still make sure that you are active – whether it’s going for a walk, a hike, or even simply cleaning around your house.


Recipe Challenge: Make a new dessert from your nutrition plan that you have never made before! Some of our personal favorites are the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, no bake cocoa macaroons, and the chocolate mousse from the summer update.


Go for a long run, or start one of the road race trainings here. It does not matter if you think you are a runner or not, never be afraid to open up to new things. You never know, you may like it!



Challenge: Meal prep ALL of your snacks for the week and any additional meals. We of course want you to meal prep as much as you can, but this week, we want you to really focus on prepping healthy snacks, because the hours in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, are when cravings can kick in! If you have your healthy snacks prepared, then you will be all set. Use your snack section of your nutrition plan and planned out weeks for guidance. You can also use any of the recipes here. 

Have a Burnin’ Week!

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