Happy Sunday

Your new week of free workouts and a weekly challenge are posted below. Remember, you can rearrange days as needed to fit your schedule. You can also follow along with your nutrition plan and sub in those workouts too! No matter what, have fun with it, move daily, and make it work for you.

Challenge of the Week

Pick 1 new positive change that you can add to your day or week. For example, back in December, I decided to add attending 3 yoga classes per week, and David chose to add at least 5 minutes of meditation every day. Whatever it is, pick something you know you can achieve and easily add. Maybe it’s simply calling a friend once a week to check in, or going for a lunch time walk twice a week. No matter what, make sure it is something that makes you happy.


Power Yoga

Head out to a studio for a heated power yoga class or complete the power flow below:



Complete 30 minutes of your choice cardio (run, bike, stairs, swim), or head to a spin or kickboxing class where you can get in a great blast of cardio!


Upper Body

Wake up and get  in this Upper Body workout. Challenge yourself to get in a lunchtime or evening walk today too.


Cardio & Core

Complete 15-20 minutes of your choice cardio, plus the ab HIIT routine below:


Lower Body

Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete this lower body workout, followed by the bonus 5 minute legs and glutes workout below.



Head out to a yoga class or get in this gentle flow here.


Cardio HIIT

Complete any form of high intensity interval training (HIIT) today. A great way to do that is by heading out to a spin class, or a kickboxing or bootcamp style class, or simply using one of the HIIT routines from the list here, or from your nutrition plan!

Have a Burnin’ Week!


Share your meal creations and workout pics with us on Facebook or Instagram at @fairburnitoff! Let’s all help to keep one another accountable and motivated. This should never feel like a chore. Enjoy it, don’t worry, and you will be great!

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