Happy Sunday

Your challenge and free week of workouts are posted below. Remember, you can rearrange days as needed to fit your schedule, and you can also follow along and sub in workouts from your nutrition plan. No matter what, have fun with it, move daily, and make it work for you!

Challenge of the Week

Eat 5 plant-based meals this week! Have oatmeal for breakfast? That’s a plant-based meal right there! Not sure what plant-based entails? Check out what it means here.


Full Body

Happy Monday! Start your morning off with the Fell the Burn HIIT workout from your nutrition plan. Don’t have the plan? Try the workout below:


Cardio & Core

Complete 15-20 minutes of your choice cardio, and then complete 2-3 rounds of the core workout below (can be done solo):


Lower Body

Find a set of stairs (outside or in your home), and walk up and down them for 15 minutes. Then choose your favorite lower body workout from the nutrition plan, or do the workout below.



Head out to a yoga class or complete this morning yoga flow.


Upper Body

Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete the upper body workout below, and have a great day!


Your Choice

Go for the gold today and do a winter activity that you enjoy. Channel your inner olympian and go skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, or heck, maybe you pick up curling! No matter what you do, have fun and move around.



Complete 30 minutes of your choice cardio today – run, walk, hike, bike, stairs, swim, etc. Make sure to stretch and foam roll afterward.

Have a Burnin’ Week!


Share your meal creations and workout pics with us on Facebook or Instagram at @fairburnitoff! Let’s all help to keep one another accountable and motivated. This should never feel like a chore. Enjoy it, don’t worry, and you will be great!

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