Your new Weekly Burn is here! This is your week of free workouts, challenges, and recipe suggestions. Feel free to rearrange the days that you do the workouts to fit your schedule!

Now onto the workouts…


Start your day off with the new On-The-Go workout that we posted for Labor Day last week! Even if it is not Labor Day, you can use this workout whenever you need a quick sweat. Then go for a 20 minute walk at some point today!

Challenge: Start the week by clearing out any items in your fridge or pantry that are unhealthy. Or even is something is just bad or has spoiled, clear it out to make room for fresh produce and healthy options. Clearing away items – whether it’s unhealthy foods or even just cleaning out your closet – is always a great way to stay motivated and feeling good. For help on common pantry and fridge items that are really unhealthy, you can see the list here.


Complete 30 minutes of cardio and Fairburnin’ Core from your nutrition plan. You can also complete the new Ab Workout here.

unnamed-2After your workout, refuel with the new Brownie Batter Smoothie recipe here.


Complete 2 rounds of Lower Body Burn and follow it up with the Quick Heart Pumping HIIT workout.


Challenge: Even though we did not list cardio as part of your workout today, do a little rest walking and try to get in a 20 minute walk, and take the stairs wherever you can! It may seem small and simple, but these little changes, like walking more and taking the stairs, help to make all of the difference.


Complete 30 minutes of cardio – running, jogging, biking, stairs, or swimming – and follow it up with 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn.

Challenge: Take a moment for yourself this evening – even if it is just for a few minutes – and try meditating. It may seem tough and odd at first, but it can be a great stress reliever. To see more benefits of meditation and our how-to tips, visit here.



Happy #FairburninFriday! Complete the Summer Body Burn workout from your nutrition plan (it’s almost time for your new fall workouts), or complete the Body Weight HIIT routine below.

Challenge: Relax and enjoy your evening!


Active rest. Complete the yoga routine below and enjoy your day.


It’s #SundayRunday! Run for 40 minutes! It does not matter how fast or slow you go – or if you walk and run – just set your clock and go.


Challenge: Get in your meal prep today and enjoy a dessert from the plan or here.

Have a burnin’ week!

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