Your free week of workouts and challenges is here! Check out the schedule of what workouts to do each day below, and rearrange the days as needed to fit your schedule.  Try to complete all workouts first thing in the morning, but if you need to break them up throughout the day, that is okay too.



Complete Stair-Burn it Off from your new Fit for Fall Nutrition & Workout Guide and refuel with the Harvest Smoothie Bowl from the free Fall Burn Challenge packet (you can make into a regular smoothie if you are in a rush).


Not a member? You can complete 2 rounds of this Stair HIIT Routine and choose from any of the smoothie recipes here.


Cardio and Abs

Start your day off with a 30 minute run and end your workout with 3 rounds of 5 Minute Abs.

Challenge: Book a massage! Treat yourself and take care of your muscles.


Legs and Abs

Complete the Creating Stems and HIIT it with Abs  routines from your nutrition plan. Don’t have the plan? You can complete your favorite legs and abs routine from here.


Challenge: Wherever you see stairs today, take them two at a time! This will give you a bonus workout throughout the day.


Cardio, Arms, and Yoga

Go for a 20 minute walk and complete 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn or 2 rounds of All Around Arms from your nutrition plan. End the day with Beach Yoga Flow.


Challenge: Make this Brownie Batter Smoothie for breakfast. Show us your creation with hashtag #fairburnitoff


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Happy #FairburninFriday! Are you doing the free Fall Burn Challenge? Then complete the free workout that you were sent last week from the newsletter (you can join here). You can also choose from your favorite Fairburnin’ Friday workouts here.


Challenge: Post a picture after your workout with the hashtag #fairburninfriday. If you are participating in the Fall Burn Challenge, use #fiofallburn too!


Active Rest

Go for a walk or hike, complete some gentle yoga, and foam roll.



Cardio and Prep

Complete 45 minutes of your choice cardio, then get ready for the upcoming week with meal prep. Use the meals from you Nutrition Plan, Fall Burn Challenge welcome packet, and from the list of free recipes here.

pecanbars misc_mealprep

Misc. meal prep

Challenge: When planning out your workouts this week, sign up for a class at a local studio. For example, you could sign up for a spinning class on Tuesday and count that as your cardio, or sign up for a yoga class for Thursday or Saturday.

Have a Burnin’ Week!


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