The Fall Burn Challenge is officially underway! Don’t worry if you have not signed up yet – you can still do so here and receive all of the details! But hurry, you don’t want to miss out!


Whether you are just joining us or have been prepping for the challenge, every week we will continue to post your Weekly Burn Workout Schedule (below and under the homepage tab here), but we also want you to incorporate the new recipes from your fall nutrition plan and the Fall Burn Challenge Welcome Packet. Remember, clean eating is the key to feeling great, being healthy, and reaping the benefits of the hard work that you put into your workouts.

Now onto the schedule… Remember to take photos and use hashtags #fairburnitoff and #fiofallburn so we can see your hard work and make sure you receive all of your entries for the challenge!


Kick off your day with the Burn Out HIIT Routine from your nutrition and workout plan and end your day with a 20 minute walk (or go during a lunch break). Don’t have the plan? You can opt to do 3 rounds of the Quick Heart Pumping HIIT Routine here.

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Challenge: Try another new recipe from your Fit for Fall Nutrition & Workout Guide (the latest version of the nutrition plan) or your Fall Burn Challenge Welcome Packet (you received this when you signed up for the challenge. Please check your email if you have not downloaded it yet). One of our new favorite recipes are the pecan pie bars, and they go so well with all of the fall “latte” options!


Complete 30 minutes of cardio (run, jog, walk, stairs, swim, etc), and then complete 2 rounds of All Around Arms from your nutrition plan.

Bonus: Add in 3 rounds of the Upper Body Burn workout (video above and full workout here)


Complete the Lower Body and Ab Burn from your nutrition plan, or 3 rounds of At-Home Legs & Glutes below. Then, finish off your day with the foam rolling tutorial below.

Challenge: Walk as much as you can today! We want you to do this all of the time, but today, really be mindful of this. Going shopping or to a store? Park at the back of the parking lot. Usually take an elevator to work? Take the stairs. Any chance you have – opt to walk a little further and use the stairs. This will help to build a habit to encourage you to move around more.


Go for a 30-40 minute run. Yes, you can do it! End your run with the Fairburnin’ Core workout from the nutrition plan. You can also choose an ab workout from the list here.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie featured from the lifetime nutrition plan, fall update

Challenge: Follow up your workout with a new smoothie recipe from your nutrition plan, or the Blueberry Cacao Smoothie here or Berry Burn Smoothie here.


Happy #FairburninFriday! Kick off your weekend with the Bootcamp Rounds workout from your Fit for Fall Nutrition Plan update and enjoy your weekend!



Today is your active rest day. Active rest means that you are still active, but you do not need to go all out with a HIIT routine or a lot of cardio. Opt for lower impact options like a walk or some gentle yoga.

Challenge: Craving a sweet treat? Try one of our quick fix treat options (video above) or make a dessert from your nutrition plan. The new chocolate cupcakes are currently our favorite!


Get in 40 minutes of cardio or opt to complete the Stair Burn routine below. After your morning workout, go grocery shopping and meal prep to get ready for the week ahead. We will be sending out our top meal prep tips to newsletter and challenge members today, so keep an eye out in your inbox!

Have a Burnin’ Week!

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