Your Week 5 Workout Schedule is Here! 

Last week was the original end date for the Winter Burn Challenge, but since you have all been crushing the challenge, we decided to add on 2 more weeks!  If you are just joining us, check out all of the details here, and start living your new healthy lifestyle with us!


Triple HIIT

Monday after the Super Bowl should be a holiday, but since most of us will have to go to work, we want you to get in a triple HIIT workout to start your week off strong! First, complete this Stair HIIT Routine, then, complete 1 round of the Quick Burn HIIT and 1 round of the On-the-Go HIIT routine (move descriptions here). You can do all three at once, or break them up to morning and evening.

Challenge: Have you tried the new Tropical Vibes Smoothie yet? Get your recipe here, and whip one up today after your workout.


Cardio & Upper Body

Wake up and go for a 30 minute run/jog.  Then complete the All Around Arms routine from your nutrition plan, and 3 rounds of Upper Body Burn below.

Challenge: Feeling extra motivated today? Challenge yourself to add in a 4th round of Upper Body Burn, and make sure to stretch it out afterward.


Lower Body & Yoga

Complete the Creating Stems Workout from your full-length nutrition plan, or complete 4 rounds of 5 Minute Legs & Glutes below. Then, stretch it out with an at-home yoga routine, or head out to a yoga studio.

Challenge: Last weeks Wednesday challenge was to share about someone who inspires you. If you haven’t shared who that person is yet, or maybe you have been shy to tell the person, let him/her know! Share with us too and use #fairburnitoff so we can see how/why that person is such an inspiration!

Did you miss who our person was? Believe it or not, it is not someone in the fitness and nutrition field, but rather the music industry – Michael Franti! We have always loved his music, his ability to always make us smile, and the simple fact that he is truly genuine.


Cardio & Abs

Complete 30 minutes of your choice cardio – run/jog, stairs, or bike – and then complete 3 rounds of 10 reps each of the ab moves below (or use this list as a reference):

Challenge: Wake up and drink your ACV! If you do not know what it is or why we drink it every day, then see all of the information here.


Full Body & Bonus Arms

Grab an exercise ball (if you do not have one, the workout can be done without one) and complete this full body exercise ball workout here. Then, get in a bonus arm workout, by completing 3 rounds of 10 reps each of these arm exercises.

Challenge:  Valentine’s day is almost here, so check back to to see some of our favorite Valentine’s Day treats!



Head out to a yoga class or try one of the yoga routines here.

Challenge: Book a massage for you and your significant other or a friend, and enjoy a couples/girl/bromance out! 



Complete 5 miles of your choice cardio today – run/jog, walk, bike, swim, stairs – and check back on to meal prep and prepare for your week ahead!

Challenge: Relax and try whipping up a new dessert recipe from your nutrition plan tonight. Tag us @fairburnitoff and use hashtags #fairburnitoff and #teamfairburnitoff


Have a burnin’ week!


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